The country is an important economic and political force in Asia. The fourth country is the world more greatest colonising and in the Southeast of Asia – by the population, size of the economy, and the mass of the Earth. * Indonesia is member assets of the G-20, and other international forums, and is the home of the Association of Nations of Asia (ASEAN) of the nations of the Secretariat. Its rich grant of natural resources, like petroleum, gas and metals, is added to its strategic value. * In spite of the qualification of sovereign credit it continues being 1-2 steps below the investment degree, the country has been receiving updates of the main agencies of qualification in the recognition of his good perspective. Many observers hope that Indonesia to arrive at investment degree soon. * Beyond the sound policies, capacity of recovery from Indonesia to the external disturbances must to its great size and the national dependency, instead of the external demand. Article recommended by Bilbao