Government Bolivarian

Definitely Venezuela has approached Russia and thinks that its alliances allow achievements that can encourage you, Halterung especially with energy agreements for the exploitation of hydrocarbons in the country. Taking into account the experience, Russian technology. Hence, the Government Bolivarian revolutionary laid the groundwork for the formation ray ban sunglasses sale of a bank State ruso-venezolano that will fund binational projects.

It should not be forgotten, that Venezuela obtained loans from Russia by more than $ 4 billion for the purchase of Defense arms, destined for the modernization of the Bolivarian armed forces. He says, that the next contractual advance will be focused in the Venezuelan nuclear development (Russia will build a nuclear reactor in Venezuela) Cheap Jerseys and in the transfer of nuclear technology to be used for civilian purposes, the Alliance Cheap nfl Jerseys has been strengthened so that the President of the Chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation, Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys Evgueni Primakov, stressed that Russian cheap jerseys businessmen supported the socio-political changes in America andespecially, of Venezuela. Pointed out, he noted that the social commitment in Venezuela by Russian businessmen is always present and has been created a fleet of emergency in Tucupita, which has 9 modern boats, which have served as aid to the Warao community in this eastern region of the country. In next writing will be an analysis of the weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities that this Alliance, with its conventions, treaties, means for the country.