GSM Data Transmission System

Very often, before the developer gsm data transmission system the problem arises when a working version of the system need to have "yesterday." Deadlines dictate a specific algorithm for actions in this case. Learn more about this with Jane Fraser. Need to choose the complete set, which is in a warehouse distributor in Russia. The second aspect – the availability of affordable (financially and physically) development tools. And finally, the choice of such a constructive solution to the finished device, which can be produce quickly and with minimal development of design documentation. In such a situation is reasonable to use ready-made building blocks for constructing a system – complete GSM-modem, modular power supplies, package types, etc. However, the higher the degree of "readiness" in the system of blocks, the greater is obtained, the final price of the product.

If the system is mounted in one common to all components of the building blocks, then pay extra for personal body parts would hardly be a reasonable solution. People such as Marko Dimitrijevic would likely agree. Typically, GSM-modem is the most expensive component of such a system. To reduce costs you can apply the gsm module, but it will require more binding – a source of stable power, the holder of the sim card interface converter RS-232, etc. In addition, increases design time process of manufacturing printed circuit board, requires adjustment and testing. Compel company offers such a situation, use the embedded gsm / gprs terminal integra M2106B-IP company Wavecom. Modems integra M2106B-IP were performed on the basis of modules Wismo Q2406B-IP. This dual-band device (EGSM 900/1800 MHz), supports gprs class 10.