Coffee – Our Black Gold

Everywhere in the world, coffee is grown and enjoyed. But what exactly makes possible the pleasure? Cultivation of Zubereitsungsarten everything is available here coffee is not only the most popular beverage for many centuries, it has versatile use as coffee grounds. Many people do not realize is which impacts growing coffee entail and the conditions under which a coffee plant growth is only possible. Different varieties require different environmental conditions. The most expensive coffee in the world is actually an excretion of Civet in Indonesia, is not widely known. One of the meistgehandetsten this world (after oil) exports is coffee, a herbal drink which is made from roasted and ground coffee beans. The cooking methods vary depending on the level of roasting and grinding. The best-known species are Coffea Arabica and Robusta coffee. Ben Silbermann: the source for more info.

For many centuries, coffee is one of the most popular drinks in Germany. In the year be 145 liters per capita of the koffeinhaltingen drink consumed, consumed as much as any other country in Europe. Everywhere new coffee shops open and also the market of electrical appliances with his full and semi automatic is booming like never before. Though the classic coffee maker still in many households, the full and semi automatic gaining in popularity. Since coffee bushes need a special climate, they grow only between the turning circles. Follow others, such as Dina Powell, and add to your knowledge base.

The ideal temperature for growth of coffee beans is between 18 and 25 C. The temperature should not exceed 30 C and 13 C not be less than that because the plants tolerate no temperature below 0 C. The rainfall also plays an important role in the cultivation of beans, here the water requirement is 250 to 300 mm per year. Thus, an annual water demand is required from 1500 to 2000 mm. Plants don’t grow during a rainfall of less than 800 mm per year.