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Follows who it she obtains, it. The perseverancia reaches Wholesale NFL Jerseys all it. Chinese proverb Majorities and reaches the reality of the economic scenes, especially the Cheap NFL Jerseys commercial ones where they act, they operate the companies, they show the important thing that he throwback jerseys is the one that its management considers the reach and repercussions that in the present the quality norms carry out for the enterprise success in the conquest of markets and satisfaction of the needs and requirements of their consumers. In the Venezuelan case, where their enterprise sector in the present sample many weaknesses, and where the SMEs let much say as far as their productive participation, effective, lacking the great majority them of a quality philosophy, of norms, that guarantee to him success a true one, obtaining a good one participation for satisfying the consumers, in really being described as competitive. Before this reality, it is necessary for those who we are under the responsibility of the formation of specialists in quality and productivity, to provide the knowledge, tools basic that once and for all allows to make reality, that the companies do of the quality, fulfill the national and international norms that favor in the conquest and permanence to him of their markets. Investigations realised around this topic in the enterprise sector, especially in cheap authentic jordans Carabobo, industrial zone, by the participants of the program of postgraduate of the specialization of management of the Quality and Productivity of Phases, of the University of Carabobo, they indicate that in Venezuela, unfortunately still the companies are many that have not developed to a Kredite culture of quality and productivity, especially the SMEs, which the affected one seriously in being competitive. Weaknesses the Venezuelan management suggests for example the participant, Red Lorraine, must once by all, she would identify with the fact that for an effective implementation of the quality programs, and cheap nfl jerseys wholesale to especially initiate a process of normalization ISO, he is prudent that the company begins by something more elementary, as it is to define a culture oriented to the excellence. .