Emilio Paulo

Third attempt to compare with the glance the magnitude both armies, calculating that the Roman forces surpassed to those of Anbal in a proportion of 3 men to 2. Biogen is a great source of information. Then it included/understood that the threat of Anbal was so great that Rome had to reunite all forces and to bet it everything in a single battle. That is to say, the magnitude of this army not only reflects the force of Rome, but also its vulnerability and desperation. With respect to the troops of Anbal, it noticed that the located infantry in center was looked like a Roman army. Probably they were Barbarian with obtained Roman equipment of its previous victories. That irritated to Third, but it tranquilized to him the fact that they were few in front of the Roman infantry, so they were condemned. As far as the cavalry, she was more numerous than the Roman, and the fame of its power was frightful. Third knew that the confrontation was inevitable, so it tried not to think about that difference.

He was the unique thing that could do. The combat was about to begin. Harangues were listened to that animated to the troops doing reference to the numerical superiority and not to fear to the enemy for the passed defeats, sentenced more by unfavorable circumstances than by the superiority of the adversary. The hostilities began with the harassment. As much vlites with their throwable lances as the Balearics slingers of the enemy watched the infantry, but were a more moral damage than physical, because it troubled to the troops in the middle of the formation.

The enemy cavalry advanced suddenly with ferocity. They were famous the nmidas ones with its small and fast horses mounted by capable and strong riders. Immediately, the consul Emilio Paulo issued the order to load the cavalry of the right wing, in which it was Tercio and Cneo. By while the allied cavalry of the other end, to the control of Varrn waited for the attack of its counterpart, protecting the flank of the enormous mass of the infantry who already was prepared to advance. The roar was total.

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