Chilean Government

Pinera to Obama, thanked the U.S. Government and American individuals and companies they gave help in the work of rescuing the American Space wholesale nfl jerseys Agency (NASA) Wednesday hailed the determination of the Government and Chilean people Cheap Jerseys safely rescuing the 33 miners trapped underground.It is still hard work ahead for rescuers, but the Chilean Government and the people oakley sunglasses for men of that great country should be congratulated for its determination without failures, said the administrator of the Agency, Charles Bolden in a statement. On behalf of all NASA, I ask that all our thoughts and prayers continue accompanying these brave miners, their families and friends, and delivered everyone who worked to reach out to those who are still trapped underground, said the text. Is also known and thus it was announced publishedtelesurtv.NET, the President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, he also received the congratulations of his Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chavez, by the effectiveness in rescue of the miners trapped since last August 5 in San Jose, in the Northern Atacama Region site. Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys During the lifting operation of the 15th Miner, the Chilean representative received a call from his Venezuelan counterpart that expressed its solidarity to the situation experienced during the 70 days that Cheap Jerseys remained the miners trapped more than 600 meters deep. In the conversation Pinera expressed its gratitude and its good wishes the international tour that Chavez will take from this Thursday by countries in Europe and Asia. He also confirmed his participation at the Summit of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) that will take place on November 26 in Georgetown, Guyana.

That have very good trip to Europe and Asia and will join us () in Guyana in the Unasur Summit, he said. In final Chile a once again showed its mettle to adversity and this operation to rescue the 33 miners will go down in history and in where the country of the crazy geography noble and successfully. Congratulations to all those who made possible this reality.