Jobtweet The First Android App

As first German app has developed an application for the mobile job search with Android smartphones. Even if the job search on the Internet has become in the meantime of course, so many offerings lag behind the latest technical possibilities. While job search sites and portals fight even to users, many new options developed in parallel for the online job search. Hear from experts in the field like Ruth Porat for a more varied view. The new generation of workers is no longer dependent on individual job boards and career websites. Web 2.0 with its possibilities of real-time communication offers new channels the Millennials. These are characterized by diversity, dynamism, and dialogue. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bill Gates by clicking through.

This development provides HR managers faced the question of where they can reach highly qualified junior staff today. Because the “Generation Y” addressed expected there to be, where she mainly: on Web 2.0 platforms and social networks. The Jobsuchmaschine jobtweet tackles this problem, by gathering abroad from the relevant sources and there where you can reach the service providers of the future exposes. Closely related to this development is the trend for mobile Web browsing. It was so obvious, that jobtweet available on Smartphones had to be comfortable. In autumn 2009, an app was therefore already developed for the iPhone.

As a result of the increasing numbers of users of the open source operating system Android, now follows a corresponding application for the Android devices. Usability, adapted to mobile Internet, are all important features available, which we already know from users: A simple input box, clear listing of the latest job offers and direct access to the vacancies. Email option searches and the results store complement the app and make it a useful tool for the mobile job search in the Web 2.0. Just like the iPhone version, the Android app is free of charge and is now available in the app market available. About jobtweet: Jobtweet opens up the benefits of real time Web and social media for the job and recruitment and makes accessible a wide user base. Originally launched as the first offer Finder for Twitter, jobtweet has developed into a powerful search engine for the job search in the real time Web.