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Latin American

They are the 6 in the morning, we got up, we aseamos us, breakfast and we are about to go out and sell what you have to sell. Is the product of the business of others or our own, if not we have customers (especially at the beginning), we make nfl jerseys shop use of telephone directories (white and yellow pages), we seek specialized directories, we try to remove citations to present our product, if we succeed in any appointment, we move to the время place of the customer, throwback jerseys we do often a prelude to waiting an hour, enter the client’s Office, we expose sometimes Fake Ray Bans sell something sometimes nothing. Another way is that if our possible market is very large, but no one has contacted us, we play door-to-door, in 99% of times we reject, in the remaining 1% we perhaps can be received and in that 1% maybe achieve 10% of sales. So day after day, he moves through life, we become old and when we realize life us starts to take its toll of intense efforts, and come diseases, disagreements family, divorce, rebellious children by not devote time, etc etc etc.

This situation that makes us see that life is very hard, called the MLM gurus are trying to appear as the saviors of our lives and without realizing fall many times in its networks, in Latin American countries where family economies cannot afford to buy the majority of the products nfl jerseys cheap offered multilevel because their prices are inflated or overpriced (for being able to pay all the MLM sub-niveles) While noting that often are scams, or semitruncos efforts (i.e. followers of MLM, most of the time, they don’t have the same effort we would). If we see this as a labour nightmare what can be output oakley sunglasses cheap to make our lives less black than shown?. The answer may I offer it as a contribution to the Latin American world.. .