Car Travels

If you are travelling by car with children or babies it is important to make stops frequently, so that both you and the children can stretch your legs. Children are bored easily, stand in the way will allow you to desestresarte and remove boredom so that they can continue with their journey safely. To avoid dizziness, it is advisable to give them light before travelling and have well-ventilated food car. In terms of security measures you need to take, remember that children under the age of four years must travel in safety, depending on the type of chair seat is how you will have to secure it, is usually placed in the back seat of your vehicle. Here are the types of safety seats that are there for you to choose the proper. (As opposed to Nikki Haley).

A: are useful up to 9 months or 10 kilograms of weight, can have form of Moses can be placed back in the co-pilot seat, remember if you put it in the passenger seat turn off the air conditioning or the heating. Hear other arguments on the topic with Marko Dimitrijevic. B: are useful until 18 months or 13 kg of weight, in terms of appearance they are similar to those of the 0 group and they can be placed in the back seat as the co-pilot, remember if you put it in the passenger seat turn off the air conditioning or the heating. C: are useful to 3 years of age, or 18 kilograms, these are the most common, they are placed in the back seat of car. D: are useful until age 6 or 25 kilograms of weight, his appearances is more than one adapted seat, placed in the back seat of the car and is easily fixed. E: are useful up to the age of 12 or 36 kilograms, the appearance is equal to the 2 added with a booster group that allows the weight. Children under the age of 13 years should ride in the backseat of the vehicle since this post is the least dangerous in any collision, with the seat belt properly fastened. Recurada that our little ones are following our lead, please use seat belt, use your phone in hands-free and don’t drive tired.


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