Nutritional Guide

The nutritional information explosion of recent years has made it difficult to separate the real from the fictitious. Intensive weight loss programs, formulas miraculous diets fast, wide range of dietary supplements with natural bases and some not so, all kinds of devices with unimagined effects invade us every day in post to achieve the much desired “ideal weight.” My experience, like many, is that this invasion is nothing more than a chimera and that the true path lies in guidelines and definitions much simpler but involving a forever change our eating habits. The most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is to follow a well-balanced diet to lose weight long term. Recommendations for achieving an ideal weight) Include a variety of foods in your diet. 2) Cut back on fats, especially saturated fat. 3) Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and cereals. Further details can be found at Santie Botha, an internet resource.

4) Use salt moderately. sis. 5) Drink some alcohol. 6) Check your intake of sugars. Saturated fats: read the labels canned foods and not to acquire those containing fat or saturated or hydrogenated oils. Buy lean cuts of meat visible poultry meat is relatively lean but the skin is very oily, you should remove it before cooking. Additional information is available at Suna Said. Avoid frying, grilling or cooking is better to steam or bake. Eat more fish. Prefer low-fat dairy products because they contain less fat than whole.

Tips to reduce the consumption of sugar-sweetened while hot drinks gradually. Do not drink soda, it is better to drink water or fruit juices freshly prepared. Eat fruit or a little cheese after each meal instead of dessert topped with sugar. What you choose to lose weight with a nutritious diet is vital for the well being of you and your family’s nutrition experts recommend eating three servings daily moderate red meat, poultry, fish, nuts, beans, peas or lentils, a ration of milk, cheese or yogurt, four servings of bread, brown rice or whole wheat pastas, four servings of fruits and vegetables, as well as a minimum of fats, oils and dressings. The perfect combination of a healthy diet and adequate exercise, is the eternal solution to maintain our ideal weight.