Acer Portfolio

The first step is to take into account the fact that Acer, AMD, and for quite a long time sponsor the team Scuderia Ferrari, serving in Formula 1. Moreover, cooperation between the two IT-companies with the Italian automaker is Ray Ban Sunglasses not limited solely to advertising support – in the product portfolio Acer present line of premium laptops Ferrari, based solely on hardware platforms from AMD / ATI. Midget "formula" so that when the wave the universal popularity of netbooks and notebooks CULV-in Acer's Cheap Ray Bans decided to complement its line of premium-model, the participation in this process, AMD and Ferrari was predetermined. The first has provided the creators of the product fresh platform Congo, originally designed for ultra-thin laptops segment. Ray Ban Outlet However, today you will surprise someone like tricks, and how to miss a chance like this easily become "the fastest netbook"? The second had a hand in creating design and, most importantly, allowed to use their own symbols for the relatively slow product. Without moral concessions from the Italian brand it probably has not done, because the ground could suffer assets of the company – are accumulating for decades reputation manufacturer fastest road and race cars. Do not know for sure what finally tipped the scales in the right direction, but most likely it was opportunity to "drive" notebook with an external graphics to almost play Conditions. Well, Acer has taken as a basis for time-tested 11.6-inch constructive Aspire One 751 / Timeline 1810T, which brought together all ingredients and put together.

And finally, evaluate elegant new name – all companies have traditionally called netbooks Aspire One, and replacing the premium product Aspire by Ferrari, creators of the devices were called Ferrari One, which is uniquely associated with a team of Scuderia Ferrari, serving Formula 1 Championship … Exterior Unlike conventional products Acer Ferrari One begins to surprise after unpacking boxes, made of carbon-black cardboard, which "emerges" a bright red cap emblazoned netbook and well familiar to fans of sports car emblem exclusive Ferrari. Unfortunately, besides the standard elements are absolutely set (manual, charger and battery pack), in the box with the Acer Ferrari One was nothing more. It is clear that for fiscal in nature, each device a couple dozen U.S. prices are very important, but if not branded bag, then at least a small souvenir from the Scuderia Ferrari logo would come in handy.

Given the scale of corporate colors Italian stables making the choice for Acer Ferrari One was predetermined – a cover of the netbook expected shines throwback jerseys bright red lacquered plastic, which is 1-2/2013 the center of the yellow shield with a prancing black stallion, surrounded by "carboxylic" insertion. Actually used for edging plastic with a holographic pattern, reminiscent of the masters of this beloved auto-tuning material. Moreover, aggressive bright red color is applied not only to design the cover – it is also used for a stylish ribbed edging the power button and the remote terminal (D-sub on the left and right of the RJ-45) on the sidewalls. Marvel at the attention of even the standard rubber feet elevate the notebook on the table – they in the form of tiny wheels with textured tread!