Common Property

The voices of alert since yesterday, the public be part of the contents of this working paper have already been raised, surely will be promptly disqualified and opposed to political speeches and focused on specific reform issue, so it is vitally important the widest possible dissemination of its content from today until the announcement of the final text and more emphasis should be the effort at the point of understanding among the followers of the “process” of Mr. President, that tend to vote blindly, without thinking because they send the commander, the amended text, is neither more nor less that will govern the life and destiny of all who inhabit this country, ALL, and that approval is a victory for Mr. You may find that Reshma Kewalramani can contribute to your knowledge. Chavez and the government as implementers of state power, not theirs and that they should make the effort to overcome and put aside radical political positions and purely emotional to be able to glimpse, in the field of realities , what that reform will mean for their lives. In particular, the reforms announced yesterday reported more than they have to do with the following: Property. In the text proposed reform redefined and reclassified the concept of property by a differentiation of the concept in various types: social property, which is final public property under the control of the State; Common Property is allocated by the State or community social groups (private or not) and once delivered is controlled by the State, the Joint Property where the state and participate together private groups but whose control the State reserves the exclusive and private property which is accorded to individuals but, and attention to this, SLO on “consumer goods and means of production” and besides, if your office does not affect rights of others or of society, in which case they could be subject to confiscation. .