In the next step, inviting friends has been simplified. A ready-made text, an address book importer and a simple process complete the project. The invited friend receives a personal email from a known sender (the inviting). Here, many companies make it a serious error: the E-Mail is sent with the sender address and deleted unread often referred to as “uninteresting”. A click on the inserted link leads to a personal invitation page, in which he again finds the details (name of the Einladers, his avatar, etc.). Here, too, many companies make the mistake of standardised, impersonal side. In the case of CoboCards E-Mail is address already in the registration form visible, so that a single click leads to the registration. CoboCards dispenses with unnecessary data queries.

The E-Mail address is to use the platform are sufficient. Were measured in the next two months the following criteria: how many of the new applicants to invite friends? How many friends invite them? How many of these friends click the link to? How many of these apply then actually? The study results in the first two months since introduction could CoboCards following results hold: 22.45% of new applicants also invite friends by registering. In average, each sent 1.54 invitations. 32,85% accept the invitation and click the invitation link. 85.71% register viral growth for the team by CoboCards with numbers is then actually visible on for the first time. The team sees what screws it has to turn. It certainly more, clearer signals must be given incentives, to increase the percentage of a loader and the sent invitations. Potential starting points are for example a better address book importer, a default text palatable to etc. On the other hand, the team at the click-through rates is satisfied and very satisfied with the registrations.