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Acquisition of ViiF mobile video GmbH by WHATEVER MOBILE – WHATEVER MOBILE strengthens its position in the field of video call technology Hamburg through wholesale nfl jerseys an affiliated company, WHATEVER MOBILE GmbH, Hamburg with ViiF mobile video GmbH takes over the company, which has launched the first mobile video community in Germany via UMTS video calling in life. So WHATEVER MOBILE technology further expanding its position in the field of video call. The currently Berlin based ViiF mobile video GmbH will continue as an independent company with headquarters in Hamburg. The acquisition process is expected to be completed by the end of 2008. The acquisition of ViiF is another bestellen step to strengthen our position as innovation driver in the UMTS video calling in the long term. ViiF brings us technical opportunities for our business, which perfectly complement our existing platform. More info: JPMorgan Chase. We are sure that the videos without any additional software in the fields of mobile marketing and entertainment offer great potential for the future has.

\”, says Michael Lutzenkirchen, CEO and founder of WHATEVER MOBILE GmbH. WHATEVER MOBILE offers mobile video a mobile marketing solution which makes it possible to deliver the user really oakley womens sunglasses free rich media content on their mobile phone regardless of his individual data plan. The user cheap nfl jerseys receives a video call, the phone rings like at a normal telephone call and the end customer must only take the call to get the fun for him free videos. In addition many interaction possibilities through simple touch of a button. By linking skilled technologies (send SMS, call) the use is very simple. Use barriers not Ray Ban Sunglasses installed Player cheap Air Jordans are also the past as complicated WAP configurations on the mobile phone of the user with mobile video. ViiF allows the user through active making of a video call to a shortcode access to Germany’s first mobile video community. There he can install without previously separate software need to shoot videos, comment and publish.

Nash Technologies

This caused results to completely surprising the tests: so Apple’s iPhone 3GS while at number one in the standings, was not reached but the download data transfer rate advertised by the jobs group of 7.2 MBit / s, but managed only 3.3 MBit/s. even under the best conditions Also, UMTS connection showed the tests that the appearance of a complex Web page at one of the test candidates took even less than thirty times as long by CHIP online and Nash Ray Ban Outlet Technologies, such as on a notebook with identical. The fact that the Nash engineers the utilization of the cell cheap jordans for sale or the location of the phone in the cell could define clearly the conditions about in their network in our Smartphone tests was especially interesting ray ban outlet for us”, explains Wolfgang Pauler, test head of the cell phone market leader CHIP online, in the test report. Also we could determine exactly based on the evaluation of network protocols when a cell phone about had completed the loading of a test site. So we could take the test under perform real but nevertheless controlled conditions.” “This detailed inspection of conditions is the strength of the Nash technologies experts: the network can exactly tailor the requirements of customers so that they can check their solutions prior to implementation in the cheap nba jerseys field actually paces”, Zahid assured. Also a special mess-bus available, with a previously set line was worked, to check the performance of the devices when multiple cell stand for Smartphone testing.

Smaller network providers or provider of m2m (machine to machine) solutions that have no own test environment, have the opportunity to take advantage of the Nash Technologies oakley sunglasses for men network with the latest transmission technology for testing purposes. As well, foreign manufacturers can cost-effectively test their applications for the introduction on the EU markets. The full review can be found here: article/seven cell phones-in the major browser… About Nash technologies Nash Technologies is headquartered in Nuremberg and Stuttgart a high-tech company in the communications industry. The competence center has its roots in the world-renowned Bell Labs.

Nash Technologies is an independent spin-off of the UMTS-R & D division of Alcatel-Lucent in Nuremberg, Germany and belongs to the Harvey Nash Group. The comprehensive expertise of Nash Technologies cover all phases of the product life cycle and their test facilities are among the largest in the world. The services of Nash Technologies include the development, optimization, Gwadar support and testing of wire-based solutions such as ISDN, IMS, or IP-based systems and wireless communication systems such as GSM, UMTS and LTE, as well as developing and testing of software, ranging from the .net Web application via mobile phone applications to embedded software solutions such as for example the stack for femtocells. Nash Technologies offers a unique combination of onsite / offshore research- and development services – in Europe and Viet Nam – and are therefore ideally positioned, to our customers worldwide high-quality services offered at competitive prices. Press contact: Nash Technologies GmbH Dirk Zetzsche Thurn and taxis str. 10 90411 Nuremberg Tel: + 49 911 / 30874 1111 email: Web: