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Free k.brio team brief analyses for companies in Bremen – the economic crisis is forcing many Bremen company savings, and many workers are concerned about the security of their jobs. On May 1, entrepreneurs also should think just for labor day”as they can also maintain the efficiency of your company. Motivated employees are a key factor here. This know also experts from the Bremen consulting company k.brio and offer companies in Bremen and everywhere”therefore in May to free team brief analyses. If you feel comfortable at his workplace, can work more productively.

That sounds only once easy and also describes an effective adjustment screw to increase the competitiveness of a company. According to the working climate index for the market research firm TNS Emnid examined the satisfaction of German workers on behalf of job AG in Fulda, 2008, is the working climate is Cheap Jordan Shoes one of the most important factors that determine the well-being of employees of a company. At the same time shows the recent Gallup study of the eponymous 2016-10-09 consulting firm, that only 13 percent of German workers emotionally feel attached to their job. This binding is missing the lion’s share of 67 percent, and 20 percent have internally already announced. But how can work be designed to engage employees? How does a work climate that motivates? Influence this above all the superiors and colleagues who know Petra Krieghoff expert for team development and motivation of the k.brio Consulting GmbH. “She therefore recommends a more conscious dealing with each other: it particularly matters, constructively contributing conflicts, to cheap jerseys wholesale value diversity and to develop a feeling”, the psychologist NFL Jerseys Cheap explains. “Because only who is really integrated, will do his best.” From this reason k.brio offers in may free team brief analyses for companies in Bremen and everywhere”indicating that specifically meet the challenges of the economic crisis with its employees on the topic of work motivation want to. To do this, a k.brio consultant will absorb the business situation in an approximately one-hour interview.

Following the company by E-Mail receives an evaluation of the cheap nfl jerseys short analysis. Interested parties can make an appointment for a short analysis by Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses email at. There is more information at Petra Krieghoff, Tel.: 0421 460466-20. About k.brio k.brio is a nationwide service provider in the area of organizational and personnel development. Thinking and acting of the company is done against the background of the k.brio understanding: partnership, solution-oriented and always close to the people and their issues. Since 1999, k.brio offers its customers about the k.brio training GmbH customized concepts of the personnel selection up to the qualification of employees and employees in the area of interdisciplinary skills. In the k.brio Consulting GmbH is the organizational development in the foreground. Corporate strategies in processes and projects to transfer and the cultural basis for a the ultimate aim is to create successful implementation. In addition, the k.brio offers coaching GbR both team-based and individual coaching for professionals and executives. Press contact: k.brio Consulting GmbH Silke Katterbach phone: 0421 460466-46-Consul-Smidt-Strasse 8 p 28217 Bremen