Shah Rukh Khan In Love With Germany

You will experience the “King of Bollywood as close as ever!” DVD new release from the House of rapid eye movies visit Shah Rukh Khan of India’s most popular actor, to the Berlin Film Festival in February of this year had some attention in the German media landscape and catered of course among fans of the films from Mumbai. Now the company has announced rapid eye movies the release of an extraordinary DVD with unreleased interviews coinciding to the Frankfurt book fair and the temptation reloaded announced for the 17th and 19th October ‘ shows in Berlin and Frankfurt, where Shah Rukh to experience Khan live on stage together with other sizes of Indian Cinema will be. Shah Rukh Khan the movie star, the multi-talented and acclaimed Idol for millions of people all over the world. In February 2008 he demonstrated his tremendous appeal in this country. More info: Dina Powell. “With his visit to the Berlin Film Festival where he his latest film Om Shanti Om” presented, he drew all attention. Shah Rukh Khan in an interview in this short prior to his visit to Berlin in Mumbai recorded and never published interview, we experience a star to touch: Shah Rukh Khan talks freely about his life, his family, his work as an actor and the proximity to his fans.

Director/choreographer Farah Khan in more exclusive interviews to tell OM SHANTI OM Director and choreographer Farah Khan, Star and Director Karan Johar and writer Mushtaq Shiekh of close friendship bond with Shah Rukh Khan and the people behind the star. Director Karan Johar screenwriter / novelist Mushtaq Shiekh DVD details: SHAH RUKH KHAN IN LOVE WITH GERMANY production land / year: India 2008 Director: Monika Jones & Gareth Jefferson Jones content: previously unreleased interviews with Shah Rukh Khan, Farah Khan, Karan Johar, and Mushtaq Shiekh Studio(Vertrieb): rapid eye movies (Al! ve) release date sales: 17 October 2008 FSK: o.a. (pending) run time: 115 min runtime bonus material: approx. 50 min EAN-Code: 4260017061791 technical data: language / audio: English DD 2.0 image format: 16:9 (fullscreen) subtitles: german (optional) facilities and packing: SOFTBOX + postcards bonus material: deleted scenes of the interviews with Shah Rukh Khan (approx. 25 min) Shah Rukh Khan at the Berlinale 2008 impressions from Mumbai trailer source: rapid eye movies Kerstin Bergelt (

Nils Landgren

The five selected finalists are: OLAF Lind Quartet (Eng, FR), harm zone (GER), me (GER), Raphael Jost + Band (CH) and Malte of Schiller’s red balloon (GER, A, RU) it will be interesting to see! The WACKER Hall: a four-day program that is worth watching! From March 14-17 are on the programme of the WACKER Hall names of the international top-class and promise a varied and exciting entertainment for connoisseurs and music lovers. While the jazzkantine boasts special surprise guests including Nils Landgren and Pee Wee Ellis on Wednesday, which is Thursday devoted to the Jazz Masters all-stars – a reasonable abbreviation for jazz musicians like Nathan Davis, Abraham Laboriel, Winard Harper and Randy Brecker, Claus Reichstaller. Together with the top pianist Amina Figarova is all in the Sextet arrive. Patrick oben may find this interesting as well. Also a Jazz Master: the Alto Saxophone legend and model of the European cool-jazz generation Lee Konitz. Other highlights of the program include: the old master of the slap bass and Miles Davis musician Marcus Miller, the acclaimed jazz trumpeter and Multiinstrumentalist Nicholas Payton, the multiple Grammy winner Diane Reeves and Vana greedy feat. Paquito D ‘ Rivera, John Hollenbeck large ensemble and tied & tickled trio along with Billy Hart, who as one of the most versatile and most accomplished drummer of the present applies. Patrick burns is the source for more interesting facts. Not to forget: the Saturday afternoon has returned to the character of the Blues! While the mannish boys are prescribed the expressive, traditional blues, Ana Popovic bundle of energy presents an electrifying mix of Blues, soul and jazz with her band. The Friday dance night: Jazz and the Friday heard Artverwandtes for dance the night owls! After the slap-bass icon Marcus Miller and the outstanding trumpet player Nicholas Payton – whose CD of brand new evoking the musical associations of early Prince – the Bahama Group invites soul Club with soul, jazz and Afrolatin rhythms in the GUM to dance. . Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of patrick on most websites.

Warner Music Germany

As an Alsatian-born, I grew with the German language and have them as my French mother tongue learned. The two languages, I feel very connected. German Schlager were heard regularly at home with us. For me, it doesn’t matter whether you referred to something as Schlager, pop or rock. What matters is whether the music is touching and whether it is true.” TOM MATHIS is 100 percent convinced about the veracity of his album.

If his music touched, should and must decide the others. “” “In the Centre of his Chronicle at least in numbers is the L-I-E-B-E, how to only you ma Cherie”, dear Queen of hearts”are or dance you into my heart” the experienced working on. In the up-tempo range, bribe the three numbers with clear arrangements and rhythmic variety and pay homage to the disco-Fox fan all with a desire to rush the dance floor. “” Title, from hope – what I should do that” arose from observations – you, the stewardess” describe resulted, which saw TOM on a flight or happiness and unhappiness and in songs like the best alive “or the night of lies” fins, alternate voice and with a great entertainment value. His Sung situations are always comprehensible and wonderfully human. To highlight the title is only a word here”, where TOM seems hopelessly stuck on and formally struggles for words, moving him. He to backslide into doubt, quarrels with him and talks to itself. We received at the same time as his physical and mental Constitution goes roller coaster – a not perfect just flirt with unexpected output, honestly, up close and full of emotion.

Each song is an experience, a glimpse of Tom’s diary, which is both autobiographical to be understood with a little wink. With joy and gratitude, he sums up his fledgling years and has pointed out: young is no guarantee of creativity. What is important, the life teaches you. What I’ve experienced, flows into my songs. Songs are my life, my thoughts, my work, my love, my consolation. I am very grateful that I can sing.” “With Merci for your love” proves TOM MATHIS feeling, passion and youthful romance. It combines modernity with traditional values. Tom’s charming way convincing and can melt away girls and women.