Modern Contact Center

April 8, 2009 at the training center 'Green Butch' The Third Annual Conference 'Modern Contact Center – 2009'. The Самые event was organized by Incom, supported by world market leaders in the manufacture of solutions for Customer Relationship Management – Cisco and Oracle, as well as companies 'X-Megatrade', the largest Ukrainian specialized IT-distributor. The conference was attended by over 70 heads of contact centers, leading IT professionals in banking, insurance sphere, the public sector commercial enterprises. Traditionally, the event served as a platform for sharing experiences and provided an opportunity for participants to meet with the latest developments in efficient operation of contact centers. The first report made Ludmila Burakova, one of the replica oakleys most experienced Ukrainian specialists in the field of contact centers, Director of Sales Department software systems of Inkom. Her presentation focused on innovations and trends of the market in 2008, 2009.

According to Lyudmila Burakova, among wholesale nfl jersyes the most interesting features of 2008 should provide an increase in the degree of integration contact centers in companies and build functional, aimed at more efficient use of company resources. In particular, she said the integration with CRM-applications, WFM-solutions implementation of the terminal access in the organization of workplaces of operators, etc. By 2009 Cheap Football Jerseys the trends Ludmila classified review of existing processes in many companies in the area of customer relationship management and desire to improve the management of their construction, in order to improve the efficiency of interaction at a lower financial cost. In addition, Mrs. Burakova drew attention to the increasing interest in domestic companies to service agreements, which indicates a greater role for contact centers, and preventing the possibility of even minor downtime. Anatoly Leshchenko, Head of CRM Incom Company, spoke about integration of contact center and cheap jordans online CRM-systems as an effective way to increase loyalty and customer retention. According to Anatolia, to build customer-centric company increases profitability by increasing the proportion repeated and cross-selling and most importantly, providing the necessary products at the right time appropriate to clients, which originally intended to provide CRM-system.

Alex Beloshitsky, Senior Consultant CRM implementation Incom Company, continued the theme of increasing profitability through the use of BI tools and the importance of its role in supporting effective decision making. 'Intelligent CRM strategy for a crisis' – this report was made by Sergey Levitsky, Manager of Corporate Projects Representative Oracle in Ukraine and Moldova. Sergei identified 10 key recommendations for the difficult times that are designed to provide high-quality customer retention. Great interest was a presentation by Cisco Sukaylo Igor, who briefly introduced the new Cisco technology for contact centers, in particular, video call center, automated system (Expert Advisor), which allows call processing to involve all employees, various control systems and the presence of much more. Stepan Belopole, head of the servers and power supplies 'X-Megatrade', spoke about how Eaton solutions provide maximum protection of equipment and systems from power problems. The result was the convening of the plenary part of 'round table' in which managers contact centers, shared oakley outlet their recommendations on the efficient organization of work in the current unfavorable economic situation. In the final part of the conference 'Modern Contact Center' Incom company held ceremony on the results of 2008. The nominees were: Raiffeisen Bank Aval – 'The most ambitious project, the' Ukrsibbank – 'Most Innovative Project of the Year' Ukreximbank – 'The Best Start of the Year' Kyivstar – 'Hero domestic upgrade 'personal nomination and the title of' Most Innovative Leader of the Year 'was CEO' Ekoll 'Valery Svetlov. Source: Modern Contact Center – 2009

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