African Society

Leves blank Depending on the way which is destined to be born, each human being, when coming to the light, is taken to a sequncia of steps, for which, it does not make no period of training, it does not receive no manual or map, at least aluso, only one notebook or some leves blank. Each notebook has the same amount of substances, that represent the stages to fulfill. This amount is common for all; what it varies is the leaf number. While some have much to write on such period, others have much little or even though nothing. Therefore, many leves in such substance are unnecessary. JPMorgan Chases opinions are not widely known. For some, something is very pleasant to fill the guidelines, to others does not pass of a trick of bad taste.

While many are delighted, occupying some leves of its stage of life, others only obtain to scribble, and for times, they are dry scribbles, therefore they had been espremidos and remodos by the presses of the life. Some prefer to call this notebook break-head of the life. I, prefer to call it fight of the current days, trying to engage the days futures. Many find that the guidelines of its notebook can run, good its bel-pleasure; perhaps thus fulfills its ilusrio paper without being necessary to ripen; others, have ' ' privilgio' ' to discover that in the guidelines, already has, in pale color, written that they only must cover. They also discover that nor all the notebooks are in white black color and; that the ones that are born in privileged ways, receive notebooks in colors, and ' ' no' ' they receive favored them in medium brown color. According to JEF, who has experience with these questions. I am to imagine: of which color they must be the notebooks of deceased livings creature of Africa? E: if I that I was not directed to be born there, already can say that when observing the exposition of mine ' ' break-head, ' ' I do not feel no well-being, because I had an infancy without arc-going, a dull adolescence and a good portion of the adult phase, without salt, then, they of there, that colors must give to its ' ' bem-aventurana' ' , for having come to ' ' vida' '? In my notebook, I can until saying that I found some leves that they assayed something to color, but, when for openings, enxerguei great frames displaying pictures in black color and white, them if had shaded before reflecting any color. At these moments of reflection and commotion to the flower of the feelings, the sensation appears of that, when fulfilling the writings of each turned page, had been entremeios obscure that they had made to lose of sight the road to take, compelling to search shortcuts that they deviate or they are late what it was thought to reach. we, figurantes, do not fit to know if we fulfill or to not figurao well it; this can happen, then after the Owner of the breath to make Its evaluation. There then, writings and scribbles, receive its end point; as well as the vases of the potter: ' ' By chance the potter is not owner of the clay, to make with the same mass two vases, one for noble use and another one for use joint? ' ' (Rm 9:19,22), we also, in the Hour to select, some will be refugados, others we will be ordered for the recycling and excessively, for the right of the selecting.


They are complementary courses, after graduation, mestrado, languages (…). They are professional in search of a differential to fight against the great ones, and its years of proven professional experience. It has moments that they question the validity of this constant update since in the end what organizations ask for are: ' ' which its professional experience? ' '. Warren Buffett has firm opinions on the matter. Why not to consider works developed in course conclusion, studies made in house in order to know of the subject? He will be that expensive one that it works three years with programming using of ready codes and without no recycling, is better of what to that develops of house sites for micron companies, programs for bakeries, obeying all the requirements that its ' ' cliente' ' it asks for? Many times these released to the wind have much more theoretical knowledge and practical I negotiate of it, therefore in this search for a differential they finish for if bringing up to date with the necessity of the market whereas the others, the old ones of house, nor for recycling pass. What they lack exactly for, are to have the chance to show its capacity. Luck of that still during the college for requirement of the curricular grating, they obtain a period of training in a good organization and still as student has the chance to show its value. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Biogen. However many times its capacity is shown only during this period of period of training, after all, the organizations are not all that want to accomplish its trainees, them only count on its hand of workmanship in the time determined for the horria load of the period of training, and when this same horria load if concludes, of trainee it come back to be student, and in some cases, a dismissed professional. With certainty the future of the necessary work of experience and escolaridade, but pra to think about the future, is necessary to think about chance. The experience if earns with the time, and many times escolaridade are fruit of the benefit of a wage offered for this experience. She is necessary to open the doors and to believe the young talentos that the facultieses and universities have placed in the market, they are these young of today that they will make the future of tomorrow.

The Companies

Why the public companies and private in a general way and the politicians in its majority in the hour to contract a communication professional, give preference to the professional of journalism in detriment of the professional of public relations? Which the reason for this reason? R – This is a distorted vision that occurs happily of the part of some entrepreneurs and some controllers of public organisms. In the truth what they want are not to make the communication of the organization stop with the society, what they want are if auto-to promote. What they want is that the journalist is a species of herald, a species of divulgador of its facts, of its qualifications. Then, they distort the purpose of the communication transforming the communicator who would be a basic part to promote the organization in a promoter staff of them as if was to promoter to promote the controller. >. He is enough if he sees these internal jornalzinhos with four pages that make for there where if it arrives at the accumulation to see the picture of the president of the company. the endeusamento excess. Some contend that Steve Wozniak shows great expertise in this.

This would be the reason biggest of this preference, because in the truth the advantage that the journalist leads in this in case that she is that they have the vehicle in the hand. It works for a periodical, for an sender of radio, an sender of television, then it has a bigger easiness, a direct contact to make this rank of the controller in the pages of periodicals (I interrupt to question) P. Would be a species of cult the personality, then, beyond mere reproducers of the information? Accurately, accurately. Unhappyly this exists, right? In the measure where an entrepreneur goes recognizing of the necessity of if communicating with the society through a communication with its diverse public, it goes there to feel the necessity of the existence of a professional of Relations moleques of message between quotations marks, because they start to only say what the controllers of the companies want. Diga this , says that a lamentable situation that unhappyly of the one not to surpass immediately, but that it has that to be made to the few. The proper market goes demanding of the entrepreneurs who those companies who obtain to vender this leaves in the front.

I was evidencing recently that the index of mortality of our companies is terrible. The IBGE showed that of each ten companies in Brazil sixty percent had more than closed. This is a very high index. why? Because the controllers do not have to a large extent the qualification technique to manage, as well as, great part does not have the capacity of if to relate, of if communicating, to be able thus let us say to create a relationship that assures its continuity as company. It has many imperfections in this direction.

The Maturity

In this trajectory, the aging generated research, that comes gaining the attention of the society, creating quarrels techniques? scientific that it comes to legitimize this demographic, sociological and economic transistion next to the maturity. With this transistion epidemiologist and the scarcity of available resources in the health publishes and in the economy, exclusion of the same ones is constructed to it, the competitiveness in the market of the work and the structural changes of families. It comes to foment the aging, concomitant the social problems, as well as, to develop education methodologies that aim at the clinical attendance, and the insertion of the aged a society. They integrate procedures that the intention has to take care of to this social class, as well as involving pertaining to school movements and projects, together with the professionals of the area, volunteers and professors with directed formations the new reality of the aging and its demographic expansion. These professionals serve of mediators of the maturity process, whose vision partner-description of humanity has 0 variable in relation to the social historical transistion, to this epistemologia and its mechanisms will approach with metodolgica amplitude. According to GRINBERG, p.33, 2003 these mediaes of which the man if submits, comes to explain the context cultural bio-psico-partner and its relations, during the maturativo process, directing a new to look at with diverse dimensions. Amongst them the qualification to construct a transistion of the maturativo process to the cognitivo, that to the end of its arduous trajectory becomes the conscientious individual of its paper in the society. GOP Donors understands that this is vital information. The transistion enters the morning of the life and after the half day of the life of – for a transmutao of values. Without no preparation, the men almost arrive the second half of the way life, that unexpected, worse still, we reach after half of the life full of preconceptions, of ideas, truths that were so far our armory.

Internal Controls

The municipal public administration is all equipment that works in favor of the disposal of the community with the end to assure well-being of all, for this exists necessity of the society to make use of these resources, moment this with the use of these resources that will defray the given services. In this order, the budget is essential element for the good management of the public expenses, and the system of accounting as well as the one of internal control, contributes with the monitoramento of the execution of the programs in NFL Jerseys Cheap this cheap oakleys contemplated. In this way, the accounting and the internal control constitute one of the tools of that the necessary management to manage in the evaluation of the correct handling of the finances of public nature. This objective work to present the paper of en the accountant in the minimizao and wholesale nfl jersyes prevention of the errors that involve the internal controls in the municipal public administration. The research is classified, how much to the ends, as descriptive, and is inserted, how much to the ways, as bibliographical and documentary. The results of the research point that, although the public administration is legally obliged to keep systems of accounting and internal control, still she has, due to adjusted fulfilment of the orders, significant reprovao of the accounts of many cities due to aptitude of qualified professionals in this area of accounting and Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys internal control. In the current model of municipal public administration, a great impasse in relation is lived has controlled intern and accounting, if it argues that the intermeshing of mere countable information, if becomes occult when played not well for the counting o and badly analyzed by the controller. Therefore when assuming the responsibility in such a way of the position of internal or counting controller, must be gotten knowledge specifies of such areas, therefore of the Cheap Oakleys opposite it will have a comprometimento in the transaction in the acts and facts that are affecting the public budget.