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Sometimes the political costs of Introduction the rebellion, are too high. 5. A good example any thing worthwhile doing, worth doing well. One of the ray ban outlet qualities of the good bosses is to preach with example (as well as good parents). If required any kind of behavior to its people despite knowing that is unpleasant, you must be the first to comply with it. Example: A company in the use of safety shoes were more than annoying, uncomfortable but that offered protection against malfunctions of heavy objects on the feet. The area of safety and health at work is labored in enforcing this rule. so I challenge the heads of each area to be the first to use them on a permanent basis.

Many refused others accepted it. 6 Goodbye, enemies Cheap Jordans Sale there are petty and abusive people who can undermine the attitudes and the good performance of its staff. A good head protects his followers of these hazards. Example: In some companies forbid systematically or outrageously abusive clients to buy tickets on their handsets. 7 Liability.

If you are mistaken in a decision hockey jerseys that cost the company thousands of dollars, not Escude in lack of preparation or ineptitude of its people. The brave die only once. The good head must accept, although many have the idea that giving a human image is negative for the cheap oakleys sunglasses internal discipline, that he is also wrong and assumes the consequences. 8 Know same a parameter that must be fulfilled by every good chef is to know if same, just as you must wholesale nfl jerseys know your people. Know that part is strong and that part must work more or ask for help. This will allow you to fight evil winds. One of the fundamentals of emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman) is just that: know thyself. Corollary: When the heads cannot protect its people (example: layoffs, reduction in wages, very difficult tasks); The best express passion, do small things to allay fears and find ways to soften the negative consequences. Nobody said it was easy, if outside so it would be interesting. Source: This article to taken as base exposed by Robert L. Sutton. (Harvard Business ).