Pristolichny ‘house In The Village’

Season acquisition of hatynok “The myth that the prohibitive cost of land and a country house not affordable to ordinary consumers, fading away. Operators complain about estate market: land plots in Kiev’s suburbs have fallen in costs 4-5 times, and outside of the 20-kilometer zone and does fell a dozen times. Buy land for the construction of suburban homes is not easy and very simple. Excitement in this segment of real estate, compared with previous years, not simply disappeared. It is time to talk about the excitement in the ranks of those who bought land in hopes of reselling it at exorbitant prices, but now does not know how to get rid of depreciating assets.

A rare buyer of land, if you take the right tone with the seller who urgently need cash, can and do bargain for 50% of its value, which had not happened. Weaving the land in the suburbs of the capital, depending on the location, the presence of communications, infrastructure, availability of roads and Other benefits may cost 3-4 thousand dollars Average price – about 5 thousand dollars If you take the average size of land – 10 acres, it is easy to calculate that such cost 50 thousand dollars but not only the land itself fell . Decreased and the cost of construction of estates. Now you can save considerably, not only for building materials, but also on the services of builders. Experts estimate that the minimum cost of building a country house this summer may up to $ 500 – $ 700 per square meter.