Hydraulic Equipment Safety

Road-building equipment, repairs which often takes place in conditions far from the notion of security requires the employees of any Hydroservice heightened caution and observe all the rules. When it comes to work hydraulic actuators with an extremely high pressure, all exposed areas of the lines must be specially protected. Not seldom a random stream of liquid can be fatal. For the detection of the slightest leakage of fluid should follow the immediate stop of the pump. Most strictly forbidden to carry out any operations on the terminal or lifting of the compounds, while the hydraulic system is pressurized. Through repairs hydraulic equipment hydraulic systems, employees should be closely monitored so that the hoses and pipes would not twisted. Finding even the most minor swelling, you should replace the damaged section of the new one. Special pressure gauge installed on the station will help to monitor the performance of the system pressure.

Regular inspection of safety valves is also a mandatory necessity. Importantly aware that the repair machinery requires compliance with all safety standards. Repair of hydraulic equipment directly related to the use of petroleum products, respectively, requires a special approach to security and sanitation. Working with various oils, gasoline, and other chemical compounds could significantly damage the skin. In connection with this staff, whose duties include, contact with hazardous substances must mandatory use of special gloves.

It is recommended as the use of ointments and creams for hands. You should know that the hydraulic equipment requires constant oil change, which transportation carried out mainly in sealed Tarah. Attempts to unsafe opening oil-tanks have repeatedly resulted in the most dire consequences. In no case can not be used for opening details or tools that can give a spark! Upon completion of the work with chemicals should be thoroughly wash their hands, the dirt that gets into the digestive tract with food can be toxic. Not allowed continuation of work after a significant failure, or failure of any one of important sensors. Remember, your accuracy may save your life!

Asian Oil

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