Strategic Marketing

Accordingly, it does not generate sufficient earnings to keep them in the market. However, given the rate of growth and its consequent attractiveness nor be should decide lightly withdraw from the competition. At this point, it is recommended to evaluate the possibility of selectively investing to take advantage of market opportunities or to invest heavily (Marketing, research and development, production process) in selected products with the aim of turning them into star. It then decide if it should take all the meat on the spit or if removed immediately in order to minimize losses. Participation of market high rate of growth of the market low: cow product of money are those products formerly positioned in fertile markets but which have now experienced a low growth rate or have stagnated. They are products that are part of the present, but not of the future. They are not what they were, but investment is made, and it has probably recovered in its entirety.

They generate stable benefits to also stable unit costs. Are mature products so the decision thereon must be limited to monitoring the margin of profitability of the product to achieve the maximum benefit in cash flow generated; as well as the rate of growth of the market, because of falling into continuous decrease could limit demand to levels below the optimal unitary production quota. Participation of market low rate of growth of the market low: product dog are products that guarantee a level of positioning low in a market depressed by what in general you are consuming more resources to keep them available in the market than its required minimum profit margin for its bearing capacity.