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There is no tree recio nor consistent, but whoever wind Seneca whips frequently implement marketing one to one in a company should be followed for a few steps, allowing to develop programs in a sequential manner to achieve the satisfaction and loyalty of customers cheap jerseys wholesale through a process of gradual adaptation. ns. Steps of Marketing one to one (implementation stages) 1. Know the client: is a necessity of any enterprise properly identify clients, i.e., manage an efficient database, enabling to classify customers and go identifying characteristics that meet the requirements of the consumer. At this point, most importantly, create a database of all clients having a business. Know not only your name, phone or address, Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses but their purchasing habits, the frequency with NFL Jerseys China which it makes, the amount of products purchased, their tastes, preferences, consultations have made, etc. All this, in order to identify each customer individually and do they become an objective of great value to the company. The term customer loyalty is no longer Suzhou, new.

Is known, it is more expensive to bring a new customer who keep to the current, but again comes the need, do maintain customer current if he is not known, their purchasing habits are ignored oakley sunglasses for men and the same periodicity, worse still if it is not known if their purchases with the company are marginal or this organization represents its big suppliers?These and other questions should be answered to really meet the expectations of the customer. Here, than marketing individual knowledge of the customer one by one, seek to achieve three objectives: a) improve your retention nba jerseys sales and increasing the share of business with him, b) increase their margins by customer and c) to create new markets for clients with different needs, using the potential of the interactive. 2 Difference between clients: be considered that not all customers are equal. Just as a person buys a CD (compact disc) each month, there is another that buys two or three every week.