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Metropolitan Moscow

According to these properties all the righteous dwell in God and God is all-in him, as something becomes one with God and is buried in the abyss of divine perfection. This close alliance between the righteous with God is approved at the Love that burns for Him righteous soul, therefore, whose love and God himself. For He loves those who love Him, and that mutual love gives a right virtuous called the friend of God. If he is a friend of God, and the Cheap nfl Jerseys party His innermost Cheap Jordan Shoes mysteries and advice. Since we usually true to his friends discover their thoughts, explain the intent, announcing the decision, and the cheap oakleys most hidden thoughts of our für hearts we inform them, or in short, gives them their heart and in the service of his special delight. For even the misfortune easier if you tell a friend about it, and happiness is for us not so happy if it did not let on to his faithful friend. Platon, Metropolitan Moscow (105, 200). Asked the Lord the apostles, as they understand it? In the face of the Apostle Peter, they answered: 'Thou art the Christ' Cheap Jordans (Mark 8, 29).

Do not suddenly matured this confession, but, Mature, settled into the heart and become the guide of his sources. It saddened by the death of the Lord, but not shaken. And being resurrected to an even greater force resurrection, the apostles wanted in their lives to cheap nba jerseys preach throughout the world. There is a moment, and every believer, when he was with all his might proclaims: 'You are the Christ, my Lord and Savior. You're my salvation, my light, my strength, my solace, my hope and eternal life. " Then he was ready to say with the Apostle: 'Who shall separate us from the love of God? " (Romans 8, 35), like him, starts to chase Christ the Lord to all pleasing, yet come 'in the measure of the stature of Christ' (Eph 4, 13). Bishop Theophanes the Recluse (107, 85-86). If we do not answer me on the Lord's love for us to love Him, not in vain if blood of the God-man for us? .. Not vain assigned to the cross and the altar sacrifice a great sacrifice? Her all-powerful intercession for us in salvation, omnipotent and claims it to those who ignore Her. Bishop Ignatius (Brianchaninov) (111, 139).