As to read, to understand and to write a text. Petrpolis, RIO DE JANEIRO: Voices, 1987. Ronye Mrcio Cross of Santana Wisdomlearnable.blogspot.com All text to the produced being permeia a complexity in such a way for makes who it as for it teaches who it. When one thinks about writing, all producing of text it has that to possess proper style and estilsticos projects that make with that the reader can read, think and understand the text, therefore know that all text possesss one intertexto, hipertexto loaded of ideology and ideas sublimares. In the writing one perceives that when creating it displays it ideas and thoughts that already are preset. A leading source for info: Thasunda Brown Duckett.

The pertaining to school writing has a esqueltico and plastered format, therefore in each lesson a relation of daily pay-molded projects is promoted so that the pupils follow this example. To write requires an analysis technique and estilstica of the author-writer and at the same time shows and demonstrates what the author thinks on definitive subject. The colloquies are not written registers, however they represent a speech that is understood and proliferated for the listener, and this established communication is that permeia the text by means of the orality. To write it is an action that places in practical what it is intended to decide or to solve, therefore whichever the nature of the text, either a chemistry, physics, mathematics problem, or counting a history, or describing a scene, or a fact and, exactly still, its point of view is constructing a text. In the workmanship As to read, to understand and to write a text the focus of the reading it is to inform the writer or to who it intends to write a panorama of as to read a text technician with its structure and its inferences and an analysis of understanding of the literal ideas, where if it can explore with security and ability to construct it without that terror of as to start a text.

The Positive

Ahead from this the same one will suffer serious consequncias as: disinterest for the studies, lack of concentration, incapacity to support difficulties, lack of persistence and disrespect for the other. Completing still this line of thought, the author portraies that she has one direct relation between the lack of limits and this distorted form to see the world, that can take the marginalizao, for thinking that the world exists to satisfy its pleasures. Tnia affirms that the pat alone teaches to fear the strongest greater and that to educate a child is not necessary to beat, therefore acting of this form will be demonstrating lack of proper limit. Another boarding that author makes is on the positive attitudes of the children, where the parents nor praise always them remembering only to complain and to restrain cheap Oakleys sunglasses on the actions and negative attitudes, making with that the same ones have the sensation of that valley the penalty not to make all certainty, therefore if they act in adjusted way, most of the time they do not receive any I stimulate and when ray ban sale they always erram they are criticized or punished. Alert it that if it does not have to exaggerate in the rules, therefore the same ones do not have to be presented of one alone time, as a contract and when not fulfilled, to show that they will have that to arcar with the consequncias, therefore thus Cheap MLB Jerseys they will only learn to have responsibilities. The author sample that prizes for the positive attitudes nor always must be material, therefore what it makes to grow auto-esteem and the love is one hugs, a kiss, a true smile or even though a compliment related to the fact, for members of the family.

Another important factor is in relation to the fulfilment of the punishments, showing that only if it must promise what if fulfills, being coherent in the actions not to lose the respect of the son. It is to know to say ' ' no' ' to offer alternatives, thus will not only become important to establish limits. important to stand cheap jerseys wholesale out the stimulaton independence and the initiative so that security and courage for the adult life can ripen with, trusting the work that was made throughout the years, however, is necessary that this independence if does not disentail of the responsibility. The workmanship in provides some reflections to them that serve as starting point to rethink the education of the children and its necessities in each phase of the development, beyond showing the paper of the parents, alerting them on social consequences of the extreme freedom and the lack of control and authority. Its objective also is to make with that these parents readquiram the perception of its main paper are to form capable citizens and that they can transform the society, thus preventing the marginalizao. It fits to the parents to guide them, therefore the same ones not yet have maturity to discern these practical. The author shows as if she establishes limits, standing out the importance of the incentive the positive attitudes, also criticizing the refusals. Thus the child will only learn the basic rules of convivncia. oakley sunglasses for men The workmanship of Zagury is of easy understanding, presenting a language clear and objective, obtaining to involve all the cultural levels and destined to all that 2016-10-10 face the education as a form of awaking in the children and adolescents the respect and has limited.