Right Medication

With each attempt to find a warning that the website is designed to inform consumers, not themselves doctors, and can not serve as the ultimate truth. Search using Flash-form occurs in five stages, each of which narrows the criteria for giving the opportunity to choose the right medication. The first criterion – the inscription on the Fake Ray Bans tablet (print). And therein lies the main cheap nfl jerseys disadvantage of the site. It's no secret that many pills prints are missing. The site is not to specify it explicitly, wholesale nfl jerseys that is, if you just skip this step, the search results will be given all possible outcomes, with prints and without. On the one hand, the change – but change is very significant. The second criterion – form.

Forms in tablets presented as much as 18 pieces. Further details can be found at Wells Fargo, an internet resource. In fact, there are more than just the shape, number 18 is called "Free form", as can be seen in the screenshot. The third criterion Рthe color of the pill. Unfortunately, there lies another weakness, as only 12 colors, and similar are grouped together in one color. For example, in "pink" fit all shades of pink, lilac, light pink, red, etc. The creators should attend to Oberöstereich, more detailed choice in this paragraph.

The fourth criterion – the size, and here again not all smooth. Anyone with a hand and a ruler can take a pill and a pill measure to the nearest millimeter. However, the creators of the site allow for very large scatter when setting this parameter (4 mm), and the results (for example, a tablet with a diameter of 9 mm) fit into the five different criteria. It is unclear why no do the exact sample with an accuracy of 1-2 mm, why do we need reference range (5-9, 6-10, etc.). And finally, the last discount football jerseys criterion – the presence of scratches on the tablet, and then complaints, thank goodness, no. Everything is quite clearly – a risk, two, three or four. Learn more at: Robert Kiyosaki. If you try to identify a pill, in practice, the result, alas, is disappointing. To test we took a very ordinary mezim (international title – pancreatin), which has many first-aid and tried to identify it with the Pillbox. Outwardly, this drug is simple pink pill with no prints in diameter, 9 mm. What gives Pillbox in response to a request by the criteria of "round pink tablet with a diameter of 7 to 11 mm with no scratches?" 133 results, most of them – even without pictures, only with text prints (which in this case, no!) and the international name of the medicine. If it were possible to find pills without prints, the results of the grant would be significantly less. Text search engine mentioned in the the beginning, makes it possible to do exactly the wholesale jerseys same thing, but not in visual form, and by selecting the menu items without any graphic notation. IMHO: the idea of the site beautiful, but the implementation leaves much to be desired. While creators did not finalize the search capabilities, you can only use Pillbox in very rare cases. Write down the address itself, may be useful in the future? Removed removed removed / / removed