I decided to create a space for communication with other beings on the planet. Bill Phelan will not settle for partial explanations. Talk about literature, history, philosophy, culture and art in general. About life that is not on the books, one that we breathe in the streets and corners. I hope to express all my concerns, all my ideas and also those of you in the field of knowledge and human existence that already is complicated without going into depth. A place to grow and share experiences. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bill Phelan is the place to go. In the hope that more people participate in, start this experience with optimism. I consider myself a normal person who enjoys life and likes to share what you discover with others.

Lover of sport, the sea and the mountains. The first escribere about an article which deals with the usefulness or futility of literary workshops. I could not abstracted me and I’m going to relate my experience: there are positive and negative opinions as well as renowned writers who never attended one. A writer is born or made? Like everything in life, I had good and bad experiments. The teacher can be a great writer, but nevertheless their laurels if you can’t work in a group workshop will fail. I attended the workshop of a renowned writer, more than one year but was a disaster due to his arrogance and little patience, also mixing literature with politics. Its popularity and fame not helped me write better, also I was not prepared to write as he wanted. I decided to emigrate to another workshop operated by a not so well known writer, but more cosy and free.

The Professor taught with dedication, patience and caring for that student does not lose its spontaneity. A good workshop does not depend on the fame of its director, but rather of his teaching spirit. However, and not I know if unfortunately, literary workshops are fashionable and every writer must have one. A literary workshop is always useful for a person who begins to write, must find one that fit him and be smart enough to not be folded by one other opinion adverse to his work. Best regards.

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With increasing daily demands of modern man, where you can safely include not only food and essential items, is a growing need to increase its revenues. But, alas, employers are not particularly willing to seek increase the salaries of their employees. Therefore, people and looking for new jobs with more tangible to pocket income. And when in his native city, having exhausted all my nerves and try to find something suitable or decent, Applicants planning to work far away in another city and try to earn some good money in the north of Russia. Working at a remote distance, and there is work in shifts. And today, particularly Snake relevant work is manned in large Russian cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg. Statistics show that labor use in the Russian capital Moscow, 70% of workers are immigrants from other regions, as well as and from other countries.

Widespread vacancies to work in shifts in the major cities Fake Oakleys have become security guards, cooks, waiters, mechanic, construction workers. When working in the north-manned station requires personnel working specialties: burovschiki, engineers, builders, NFL Jerseys Cheap drivers, cheap nfl jerseys gas and electric welders. The main thing, what is attractive shift work remains wage. In large cities it is much more than in the regions. But it should be bear in mind that employers do not always provide the housing. And it is very expensive. Therefore, we must consider the cost Wholesale NFL Jerseys of room and board, before rushing to find a better life.

Altogether different things at work manned and the north. As a general rule, employers have always provided accommodations and meals for its employees in a specially organized field camps, and at his own expense. Salaries for the hard work in the north is excellent. Plus workers Law rely allowances, regional factors to paycheck. The big downside of the shift method is to remove the long term from their loved ones, difficult working Cheap Ray Bans conditions. To the north after taking only people who do not has absolutely no medical contraindications to work in these areas. But, even with excellent health, in such circumstances can easily lose it, and earned money is never enough to restore health …