Bolivarian Association

Since the nationalization has been discussed and battled to decide if a portion of that income, is circulated to the company that extracts it. This, thanks to its efficient organization and superior knowledge, gained much independence from the State shareholder and became a new distribution center. In 2003 the State controlled oakley outlet company at the cost of reducing its efficiency. Over time you can that you emancipated again. It is a tendency of the management of all large enterprise.In practice, the administration of all our Governments has been sharing the same oil revenues and taxes to private national work, whose maintenance, depends largely on the ability to import and direct and indirect subsidies generated by that income. This has given an extraordinary power to the Government and great intensity to the fight to enter on it (and before), PDVSA i.e. to enter the highest possible in the pyramid of deliverymen. Meanwhile the Venezuelan economist and founding member of the Bolivarian Association of will socialist economy (Abes), Alfonso Alvarez, expresses, to review any of the indicators of the national economy, you can verify ray ban sunglasses sale the arguments that make up the discourse of adverse to government employers have no basis and suggests that the sole purpose of these false matrices of opinion on economic matters is to create an environment conducive to gestate Cheap Jordans a coup.

In this sense, the Economist stressed that when indicators are reviewed, we can see, for example, that the unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world, Cheap Ray Bans something which means that we are reaching full employment. You can Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys verify that the unemployment rate is seven percentage points, making it one of the lowest in the world at this time, despite the global financial crisis, said Alvarez. Also, noted economist that another feature that shows the strength of the financial development of the country, has to do with the display of the minimum wage, which is the highest in Latin America.