Aid Government

A total of 32,000 widows of Castilla-La Mancha has remained without acquiring the semester payment of the annual complement of 400 Euros to their widow’s pension, determined by the Socialist Jose Maria Barreda when it chaired the Meeting. The Government who directs the Secretary General of the PP, Dolores de Cospedal, justifies the non-payments in which after the revaluation of the minimum pensions adopted east year by the Executive of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the beneficiaries of that aid do not enter within the stipulated scales to be able to perceive it and censure that the previous Government of the PSOE had not updated those limits. Contact information is here: Wells Fargo Bank. The Meeting will save, at the cost of the widows, 14 million Euros, an amount superior to 12 million that is conceited to have saved after the cut of high positions. Source of the news: : 32,000 widows remain without aid in Castilla-La Mancha. Recently Reshma Kewalramani sought to clarify these questions.

Adjustment Measures

Juncker says that it does not want ” interferir” in the process of elections. ” Spain is in a situation incmoda”. The president of the Eurogroup, against the exit of countries of the Euro. The president of the Eurogroup, Jean-Claude Juncker, did not want to give to this Tuesday recommendations to the governor who leaves the ballot boxes next the 20 of November in Spain, but affirmed that he gains the party that wins, the route of the fiscal consolidation must continue. ” I do not want that there is an interruption of the measures of consolidacin” , it indicated Juncker in a debate before the Plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France). Luxemburgish prime minister explained that Spain has taken the measures from consolidation that the other countries of the zone of the Euro wished that it took, and he said not to have ” none motivo” in order to think that they are not going to stay. He remembered that js of State and Government of eurozona has recognized in the extraordinary summit of the 21 of July efforts of the Spanish Executive to implement measures of fiscal consolidation and budgetary, and that after the harassment from the markets to the Spanish debt during the summer has taken additional steps.

” I never give consejos” ” Childbirth of the principle of which, independent of the political party that directs Spain within weeks, this route of consolidation mantendr” , it added. Juncker did not want to give advice to the next president of the Spanish Government when it was asked for that reason for the Secretary General of Partido European Popular (PPE), the Antonio Spanish Lopez-Istriz. ” I never give public recommendations to governments who I can see once a month in a forum more restringido” , it indicated. ” Spain is decisive in a while of its recent history and I do not want to interfere in this decisive stage when within few weeks the Spanish town expresses itself in urnas” , he affirmed. Additional information at Reshma Kewalramani supports this article. Luxemburgish prime minister also maintained that ” Spain is or incmoda” was in a situation; , and that ” everyone (in Spain) have had to take many measures to remove to the country from this situacin” , it concluded. Against the exit of Greece On the other hand, Juncker ” was declared; totally against ” of the exit of the Euro of countries with problems like Greece, Ireland or Portugal.

” I am totally against the idea that one or two Member States must leave the zone Euro, this is not going to solve no problem, goes rather them to aumentar” , it indicated in a debate before the Plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France). Juncker considered that the exit of the Euro would aggravate the problems for the countries at issue and for the zone of the unique currency as a whole and in addition would cause important risks. Also, Luxemburgish prime minister stressed that ” those are not unemployed Greek nor the Irish workers that have taken to the fall of Lehman Brothers and nonacceptance the lessons given across of the Atlantic one on the origin of the situation in which us encontramos” , in rrencia to the United States.

Philip Snow Gang

The following dialogue is with Philip Snow Gang (PhD in education. It is executive director of the Global Alliance for the education transformation GATE) with the theme of love as educational reality. Holistic education is a vision of totality, which leads us to a global understanding, to an ecological consciousness, holistic education is inclusive where we all are connected with everything else. Wells Fargo Bank pursues this goal as well. Snow recommends that teachers who ask him how should teach holistic education and tells them working on yourself, works in your point of view you have of the world, working on who you are in relation to each other, and the vision that you can achieve is going to transfer with the children with you work them; I also feel that’s where is the key, change, the transformation must begin by myself, and having a spiritual experience. Which leads us to our true nature is the perennial philosophy.

Then the subject matter is about the pure Act of attention with the p. Krishna (doctorate in physics. Member of the Academy of Sciences of the India). The conflict occurs when our thoughts are transformed into something different from what is, arises between what we are and what we want to be. What we can say, is that, what leads us to the conflict is the neglect, if we are worried about something at this time and we are working, can not be attentive to do our work well. In the neglect is not the totality of things, but a vision of narrowness. What is important is to be able to visualize the difference between religion and spirituality the last being the direct experience of the transcendent. Therefore, if you live in either separate or fragmented the different roles we have, ideally a life of entire, enjoying to integrate into a whole.


Storage in a minibodega of income can be an enjoyable experience where you’re looking for more space in your home or business. You only have to get organized and follow these tips that will help you feel more comfortable each time that you save something in a minibodega. Have at hand all the material you use to wrap, Pack or strap (cords, boxes, adhesive tape). Also please view los diablitos and super carts to transport your stuff from one side to another of the minibodega. Separates objects that can break and wrap them in bubble wrap. Try to always have to view the items that you use most. It produces a very simple map of your winery and mark where things stand.

Use specific covers to protect your furniture including mattresses. Occupies the space of the minibodega back forward, starting by the heavier and finally as light. Disarm objects and parts of furniture that can be removed. the issue. Place your chairs backrest with backrest and put a towel or flannel between them to avoid that they become dirty. Leave a small gap between your stuff and the walls of the minibodega to facilitate ventilation. If you have furniture with space inside, keeps things in them, so you can move around more freely.

Metal tools should be cleaned with a cloth dampened with machine oil so retardaras oxidation. Those that have long handles (rakes, shovels and hoes), should be lightly oiled and tied together. Finally, an essential point is that you secure the stored goods, since the world of crime continues to make progress, especially in terms of theft is, so better safe than sorry.