When we spoke of CRM strategy always makes reference to as the organization is able to offer him to differentiating experiences to the client that construct loyalty in them and profitable relations for the company. In this order of ideas the areas on watch and have supported to the client must respond of agile and effective way to the requests and restlessness of the clients.For this SalesLogix it provides to the users an integral vision with the interactions with the client to have one more a more suitable management of the processes on watch to the client. Thence they can solve quickly restlessness and requests giving a experience of high quality by means of the functions of Tickets, Returns of Material, Defects and Administration of Contracts. To read more click here: Debra Black. Also it can offer to his clients supermarket tools, empoderando to his clients to find answers and to realise requests 724.Saleslogix is a highly flexible tool that personaliza according to the needs of each organization. We are going to show in an example as SalesLogix offers tools him optimum to take care of a call of a client through contact to center. The client calls to the line on watch of his organization, and at this moment the telephone plant identifies I number telephone of the person who calls. Here thanks to the integration of SalesLogix with the telephone plants (CTI) the agent of call to center that she must take care of the call receives pantallazo of the leaf of life of the client who this calling, saving time in the search of the information of the client. Following the request of the client to the telephone, the agent of call to center sails between the different eyelashes from the system to offer information him to the client on orders, offices, portfolio, you order open slopes, reclamations or generally any type of information that comes from the transactional systems (ERP) or from the CRM which visualize of integral way in SalesLogix.Thence he leaves registry of the reason for the call and programs requests or requirements that have been pending to solve because they require some type of escalamiento or routing in the organization. .