Amazon RIVER

With passing of Speaker the years, only the two Amazonian capitals had received some benefits from infra structure, where some workmanships relief architectural had been as reference of the golden time of the rubber. After the collapse of the rubber in 1912, had been substantially in Belm the Wharf of the port, Theater of the Cheap Jerseys From China Peace, Amazon RIVER, Par Eletric and jordan retro 1 Telegrafo for handle. In Manaus they are distinguished the Amazon theater, Rodway (Wharf of embarkment), Hipdromo, the Company of Electricity and the Telegraph. The fall of the production of the rubber if had to the Asian production, that of Santarm took its initial changes. With the disaster ray ban sale caused for the crisis of the rubber in the Amaznia, the Government of the Republic also was indifferent to the Amazonian problems and the region came back to live of the extrativismo and the culture of the cacao, that disdains to dedicate the collection of the latex. It is the room economic cycle and as of the cacao. The only product that had production regularity was the cacao, surviving in restingas of fertile valley, without receiving cultural the treatments due, but still it presented compensating productivity, much even so recncavo bahian already used more efficient cultural methods and therefore it got greater yield and significant growth in the market, being these the main causes of the short cycle of the cacao in this period. In 1927 the Industrial company of Brazil arrived at cheap nfl jerseys wholesale the Amazon region Ford, that installed in the valley of the river Tapajs the headquarters of its enterprise, called Fordlndia, whose objective it was of planting a seringal to revert the pressures that the cheap authentic jordans Ford magnate was suffering from the cartel of Asian rubber producers. Thus, modern machines had arrived and initiated a work of deforestation of the region, where 1.000.000 of ha would be transformed into and homogeneous plantation, with 4.500.000 feet of seringueira, using more than 3,000 men symmetrical.