Association E-invoicing

First business post is a founding member of the European E-invoicing service providers Association (EESPA) Munich, December 19, 2011. First business mail provider of solutions and services relating to E-Invoicing has together with 13 other European providers now officially the European E-invoicing service providers Association (EESPA) founded. The new Association will support the interests of providers and users of E-invoicing, as well as promote the acceptance and dissemination of related technologies and services. Guidelines and standards to make the Europe-wide integrated use of electronic invoices and throughout electronic transactions on a broad base of technological and legal. At the first general meeting, first business post’s Managing Director Hubert S. Hohenstein was elected as a member of the Executive Committee of the EESPA. This sets, which should focus on the part of the Association in the focus and is responsible for the strategic direction of the Cheap Football Jerseys EESPA. The potential of electronic Bill and thus connected E-procurement and E-business in terms of increased efficiency, cost reduction and customer satisfaction is perceived now by authorities and companies.

Various guidelines oakley sunglasses cheap which have been adopted throughout Europe as E.g. the VAT directive, to facilitate the adaptation of E-invoicing and equate the electronic invoice in their value and legal validity of the paper document. Against this background have come together the E-invoicing service provider to a community of interest and the EESPA the European founded E-invoicing service providers Association. It has aimed the interests of discount the companies of any size, to offer targeted and easy services and more generally to promote public acceptance in this area. At the same time the to opportunities to create a well-functioning, integrated and standards-based environment for e-invoicing and E-business in all Europe. As a founding member is a member of the Executive Committee of the new Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses association the first business post with its Managing Director Hubert S. Hohenstein. He explains: a broad legal and ray ban outlet technological base must wholesale nfl jersyes be created for a rapid, but sustainable pan European success in the E-Invoicing as soon as possible, keeping the interests and needs of users in mind.