Of this form, when entering the school, if custom jerseys the code of communication constructed and cheap nfl jerseys practised in the family will not be compatible with the code of the school, that is, if this child will not be made familiar or sensetized to the system of pertaining to school communication, then the lived deeply experience will be of change and not of social identity. The school has, therefore, the diversity as challenge, therefore each child comes from a distinct familiar universe, with characteristics, values, norms of behavior and differentiated codes of communication. Of this form, the users of the school nor they are always those whose cultural profile, of authority and disciplines is waited by the institution, not corresponding with the form of socialization practised in the school. 5,1 PERTAINING TO SCHOOL FORM the school is a recent institution and that the societies did not exist fake ray bans in all. According to Lahire (2001), when it appears, occurs a redefinition being able of them civil and religious, dispossessing the church and the families of its power of domination, creating a new form of subjection, the pertaining to school.

It assumes a function that previously was responsibility of the family and if it establishes a new form of social relation between master and pupil, the pedagogical relation. What it are paper of the family, the transmission of most experienced to the too much members, through practical activities, starts to be function of the school. In a specific space, distinct of the familiar, professional and religious environment, the school assumes the function of the transmission knowing objectified of them. It is an institution of the public sphere and relation established between the agents, the pedagogical, Judge impersonal relation and is conducted by external and formal rules. Through its manuals, it repasses the rules and it teaches to all as if to carry in indiscriminate way uniform cheap oakleys and. The pertaining to school institution possesss a specific social order and looks for, through ritualizao processes, to keep this order to guarantee its continuity. As Bernstein (Apud SUNDAYS et al, 1985, P. 117), it is the main source of social, professional and cultural alteration, therefore through the inculcao of its culture it ' ' it modifies the identity of many children, transforms Cheap Jerseys From China nature d