Blog And Marketing Strategies In Your Business On Line

Much discussed marketing 2.0, blogs, Twitter and everything to do with the so-called Web 2.0 experts, among them Roberto closed (recognized marketing expert), they recommend having a blog cheap jordans online that help NFL Jerseys Cheap us promote our businesses, our entrepreneurship. But, it is really necessary to have a blog when you have a commercial Web site?In my humble opinion if it is not. And it is by the enormous capacity that they have blogs to get to hundreds of people who come in search of information. It is also very useful because blogs are very well indexed by search engines.But a blog is not to have it as a decorative element. cheap jerseys wholesale You should update it, at least once a day. Fill it ray ban outlet with content, that they both love seekers, quality content.Blogs belong to what is known as Web 2.0. The Web of two-way, participation, communication website.

They are fantastic to interact, to communicate and to leave our opinions about what is speaking at that time on that site. But a blog should not replace to our commercial website. They are two different things but which complement each other very well. The commercial website is to sell, to have our catalog of products or services, our sales letters and our pages 톡톡 landings and take you there to our potential customers.Instead the blog meets the Mission of communicating with people, create relationships, and make our person or our company branding.Get links pointing to our wholesale nfl jerseys commercial site through posts, reports, news and various topics related to our niche market. We must think that people don’t usually repeatedly go to our shopping pages. Or even our most loyal customers.But on the other hand when they go looking for information, contents, go to blogs. A blog you positions, in some way, as an expert within your niche market. So now you know; If you don’t have a blog aimed at your marketing strategies, it is time that you mount one.