Obtain objective information, you can make the decision to buy this apartment, or not worth it. The greatest risk of subsequent cancellation of the contract sales are flat, just obtained by inheritance, by donation contract, contract of life maintenance, apartments, which were home to minor children or handicapped citizens. Giving money in advance to be very careful. By the same author: Jeremy Tucker. At the same time must necessarily make a preliminary agreement, which describes in detail who is who, what, how much, under what conditions and in what time frame is going to buy (with numbers, addresses, dates and passport details). Ibid specifies the size of the deposit, the terms and conditions and the conditions for its return, the distribution of payment of taxes and duties.

Ownership of the apartment passes from the seller to the buyer at the time of registration of the contract sale at the notary and the relevant government bodies. Primary housing market in recent years has become increasingly popular. The reason is quite simple: the cost per square meter on this market, in the initial period of investment is much lower. All this is true, but the risk of being a loser here is great. To begin with, that a potential buyer there is not the buyer and the investor, that is the owner of a certain share in the future, a voluntary partner in a commercial project. A project that is known to be different.

Can be successful, maybe not. That’s as lucky. It must be remembered that investment is not necessarily a profit. Organizers of the project is almost always driven, but on the contrary to private investors. An investment contract is better to conclude with the organization, the successful experience of cooperation with civil which is a fact. At It should be remembered that the saying “greed causes poverty ‘in real estate transactions triggered always. And the last. Throughout the construction period and putting the house in operation, it is necessary to regularly monitor how things are going, and in case of doubt in the normal course of things, immediately taking positive steps up to go to court. kvartmarket.