Capital Company

The company also acts in the private market taking care of sporadical customers who need the services and commercialized equipment. The company possesss contracts of maintenance of rendering of services in electronic security with contracted public agencies through licitatrios processes that they can have duration of up to five years, as Law 8.666/64. The annual invoicing of the funny company around R$ 2 million. Its region of performance is the nine States northeast, and possesss bases techniques for installment of its services, in six of them, Bahia (BA), Sergipe (IF), Pernambuco (FOOT), Paraba (PB), Rio Grande of Norte (RN) and Cear (CE) that they will be the object Cheap Jerseys of the study of the segmented reports. All the administration NFL Jerseys Cheap and management of the services are carried through by the situated matrix in Recife, Pernambuco (FOOT). 3.A administrative structure of the studied company the company is managed by the partners administrators, President and Financial Director, both with 49% of the total value of the Capital stock. The other partner, Engineer Electrician, do not have to be able administrative and manage the company in the absence of the majority partners. Beyond this responsibility, engineering Cheap Football Jerseys of projects next to the contracted customers acts in the commercial cheap jerseys wholesale area/.

The administration is centered at the hands of president and financial director, where the economic information of the group withhold all financial. MINTZBERG (1995, p.102) defines centered structure: ' ' when all the power for the taking of decisions is in one alone place of the organization, in the end of the accounts at the hands of one pessoa' '. The delegation of being Park able in the organization only limits the commercial area and technique, and exactly thus, for determined cases in special, they cheap nfl jerseys are determined only for the president. For if dealing with a familiar company, the decentralization is not present, a time that does not have centers of responsibility in each operational unit.