Consulate Salvador

These meetings of conspiracy also attended: Jose Matias Delgado, Bernardo and Manuel Jose Arce, Juan Manuel Rodriguez and Pedro Pablo Castillo. However the Captain-General, Jose de Bustamante had spies in the entire Kingdom who were aware of the conspiracy, General Captain pulled out of San Salvador of the Royal Treasury and the Consulate of Commerce Cheap Ray Bans funds. The spies discovered correspondence that argued the Aguilar brothers with the Patriots Nicaraguans, that ended in the arrest of Don Manuel Aguilar in Guatemala. November 04 arrived mail to San Salvador informing of the arrest warrant, which precipitated the events. The next day (05) was cheap jerseys day of ordinary cabildo and people gathered in the plaza mayor. The crowd was so hostile Cheap Jerseys From China that the Mayor, Don Antonio Gutierrez and Ulloa, who was forced to resign and Manuel Jose Arce proclaimed already there is no King, or tributes, nor should be obedience, but the mayors.

The inhabitants of San Salvador were the first in the General captaincy Wholesale NFL Jerseys of Guatemala (Central America) to the ask for independence. Chose a new Council chaired by Don Bernardo Arce and the Minister appointed counter as Acting Mayor. However the desire for greater autonomy, it was still difficult to accept the idea of breaking all ties with Spain, so the new City Hall vowed to govern in the name of King Fernando VII, ray ban sale who was considered the rightful King of Spain and not Jose Bonaparte. But the situation was not yet suitable for an independence movement and not all parties of the Administration supported the movement. The movement of November 05, premature and without the support of other parts of the Kingdom, failure.