Covus Crobo Launches International Growth Offensive

Berlin online marketing services provider bring specialists from cheap nfl jerseys all over the world experienced performance marketing to Berlin Berlin, March 2013. Paying users for online games publisher win and expand the network of high quality websites that aims the 2012 based, internationally operating Covus Crobo GmbH cheap MLB Jerseys headed by Managing Director Matthias Lesch. With his in online marketing, as well as on the Free2play market experience the 20-strong team covering the full range of online marketing services for the gaming industry. The rapidly growing volume and the international community of customer into account, increased Covus Crobo in the coming three months to ten performance marketing experts from Canada, Morocco, Israel, France and the United States. Crobo creatives business intelligence and marketing on behalf of the game of a current statistics of the Federal Association of interactive entertainment software BIU according to 14 million people online and browser games to play alone in Germany. Worldwide, expert SuperData, estimates that achieved Volume of the item market in 2014, USD 20 billion. Covus Crobo helps publishers to exploit this great potential: with their in-house developed technology of Crobo intelligence track the movements of the target group the market experts after scientific algorithms, expose fraudsters and design acquisition measures for payment ready for users. Cheap Jordans

Campaigns run effectively 기대출과다자추가대출 on portals of a verified pool. The majority of our customers, we achieve very good results, 53% of the addressed target group participates actively after the registration in the game,”Lesch further reinforces the success. At any time offers the full service service providers real-time insight into the pulling force of the campaigns, which crystal clear return boosts on investment analysis. With a performance-oriented model, it contributes to the increase in sales figures. Crobo says that the game industry currently has a network of 600 active game portals nfl jerseys shop Covus Crobo and campaigned in over 1,200 campaigns for international clients in over 167 countries.

Satisfied customers speak: ob We reach casual gaming hit or MMOG classic with Covus Crobo”always our target group, says Heiko Hubertz, CEO of Bigpoint. For the Hamburg game provider, the experts significantly improved the conversion rate of the campaigns. Ad Manager Anton Babichev by Wargaming.NET like cooperation so much that he regrets the fact that we have started it before! replica oakleys “.” Also, Ubisoft is thrilled: Covus Crobo helped us to achieve top results, both the acquisition and the monetization. Absolutely recommended”, as EMEA online brand manager Clement de Fosse.