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In the summary of investments in startups during 2011 highlight the theme restaurants as one of the most important of the year. Everything indicates that in 2012 it will continue to grow and we will know lots of news about the evolution of businesses involved in this sector. is one of the most exciting developments in this area, a website with a few months of life that already counts 60,000 users and is offering discount coupons for restaurants in Madrid, Barcelona, A Coruna, Seville and Malaga. locates the 200 restaurants closest to the position of the user requesting it, via the web or your mobile, thanks ray ban sunglasses sale to geolocation services. The platform allows to search for menus, tips and discount coupons restaurants Barcelona’s 10,000 restaurants, hotels and spas of all Spain. It also allows to search by a particular dish and find the closest restaurant that offers it on cheap jerseys their menu. The restaurants have a control panel from the that manage your information, show photos of their premises, suggest the house specialties as well as interact with users via comments. For this year the company’s strategy goes by enhancing the mobile versions of the search engine for restaurants and start the international expansion in Latin America starting with Colombia, Mexico and Chile.

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