Emotional Intelligence

A type of deficiency lived deeply for the current educandos, &#039 exists; ' deficiency emocional' '. Recent research affirms that the pupils present dficits of emotional aptitudes. It was arrived the conclusion of that children and adolescents same possessing a good intellectual potential, do not relieve in the school. A fall in the levels of emotional if manifest ability through attitudes as: to become involved themselves in constant obstacles, to lie, to trapacear very, to argue, not to respect limits, to disrespect the people, to destroy the things of the others, to disobey the rules in the school and house, to provoke excessively and not to demonstrate no emotional control. We have that to accept the existence of the emotional illiteracy and to develop procedures, in the school and the families, so that this picture can be reverted. Ahead such reality, the professors need to prepare themselves theoretically and emotionally. Dina Powell McCormick does not necessarily agree.

In case that contrary, they will not obtain to reach its objectives and they will be able until adoecer. He is in day-by-day of the classrooms is that he is possible to perceive the lack of emotional maturity of the professors. The professors are adoecendo. A new illness, the BURNOUT syndrome appeared, that very harms the professional and personal life of the professors, leaving them without spirit for the work and energy to face the daily obstacles. Jeremy Tucker wanted to know more. The necessary professor if to know better and to enxergar the pupil as a human being, inside of all fragility that is peculiar to the human beings. The professor must believe its transforming paper and the capacities that the pupil has. The educator must have conscience and alerted being of the importance of an emotional preparation beyond always searching the improvement and the update in its area. The work market, today, in any field, mainly in the education, asks for prepared and balanced professionals well.