European Union

So the dream vacation does not become a nightmare, taking out a travel insurance is worthwhile. It ensures the repatriation to the home country in case of an emergency and is responsible for the medical expenses. The travel insurance is strongly recommended just legally insured. Because the statutory funds only when travelling within the European Union, and then only according to the rules of the destination country. The insured of the destination country operations accounted for only get paid, so the German insurance gets replaced also only this share even if German coffers would usually pay more. Privately insured should inquire at their insurance company, what services she takes over from abroad and may also protect themselves. The financial loss is not covered by health insurance, if the trip must be canceled prematurely. Who breaks the leg on the second day of the holiday, practically free paid the rest of the stay.

A so-called trip interruption insurance protects against this financial risk the lost Tour price refunded. The travel cancellation insurance is only if the trip was already lined up. Language passengers prior to departure, ill give him a travel cancellation insurance that will refund the price. The insurance must be completed no later than 21 days after the time of booking. Curso24 .de compares the prices and services of providers of travel insurance.