Executive Department

Top company should live compliance attitude Eltville – Erbach, 19 Baratas Replicas Ray Ban March 2013 the recent excesses in the banking sector and the corruption scandals in parts of the German economy cause more companies to define a comprehensive set of rules for their Manager, to prevent future violations of law and company injurious behavior: cheap jerseys Managing Director and Board members must monitor compliance with laws, regulations and internal standards with the help of a compliance policy and promote sustainability and request, to be able Hände to ensure long-term economic success. It is important that the companies individually identify their risks; only in this way, they can run an efficient and effective compliance cheap nfl jerseys management. If a compliance policy established and effectively implemented by all employees, the head of the company must live this attitude in everyday life itself”, says Claudia Schmidt, change expert and Managing Director of Mutaree GmbH and adds: is an organizational unit has been created for compliance responsible is to begin the change process itself. Then the new culture in the minds of all employees must be anchored.” Organizational networking of the compliance Islands is success the organisational networking of all compliance Fake Oakleys measures within the company is a key success factor for their long-term effectiveness: many companies already individual compliance activities have been implemented such as an anti-corruption management or a code of conduct. They work as individual islands of compliance”. The challenge is to establish a comprehensive, detailed compliance management system and to integrate organizational. The implementation and establishment of this systemic form of organization Cheap NFL Jerseys is a process of change, which affects almost all organizational units and is of considerable relevance to the company. According to their importance, the unit should be equipped with operational functions and be located in the Executive Department. Compliance is the first step towards the development of a vibrant culture of compliance driver for cultural change which is establishing the organizational unit for compliance. A cultural change can succeed only if the companies are recognizing that compliance can be narrow not only on the regulated areas.