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Dr. Michael Werner and Dr. Ewald cheap jordan shoes Hof successfully represented the clinic Centre alley GmbH on this year’s award of the international medicine in Madrid. Scientific attention and recognition was the two Chief physicians of the clinic Centre alley GmbH Mr. Dr. med. Michael Werner, medical director and Chief of the Department of Neurology and Mr Dr. med.

Ewald Hof, head physician of the Department of Orthopaedics bestowed. In the framework of the diesjahrig EFORT Congress”in the Spanish capital Madrid, the prestigious Medicine Prize Jacques Duparc award the physicians ‘ awarded. The EFORT Congress held annually in different European cities and is the leading European Congress of Gesichertes orthopaedists and Traumatologists, participate in the also famous scientists from the United States, Australia and Asia. The two custom jerseys physicians, Dr. Michael Werner and Dr. Ewald Hof had Parkinson’s with the title of overall fracture risk reduction in patients with Parkinson’s disease a prospective cohort study on the relationship between osteoporosis and Crohn’s disease in the last year Determination and modification of individual, individual risk factors “during their chefarztlichen activities in the home Clinic Centre alley GmbH, Bad Schwalbach. The clinic Center alley GmbH is an interdisciplinary rehabilitation clinic with the technical indications Psychosomatic Medicine, orthopaedics and Neurology and Parkinson’s focus Department and established in the diagnosis and treatment of Crohn’s disease Parkinson’s disease and osteoporosis, using the latest diagnostic medical technology, already beyond the country’s borders. The study and its findings were Dr.

Michael Werner at the Congress of Parkinson’s disease in Marburg and Mr. Dr. Ewald Hof already presented the audience at the Congress of Osteology in Frankfurt am Main under great attention. This success led to the idea to present the study at cheap jordans online the EFORT Congress 2010 also a large Fake Oakleys international audience. The abstract could prevail over 2000 more submissions and was selected by the international jury of experts among the best 10 posts. The award was tied to this: winner the Jacques Duparc Award”. The become paid tribute can be seen as recognition that merging clinical research and therapeutic care is managed for the benefit of patients. Information about the award winners Dr. Michael Werner and Dr. Ewald Hof and Morbus Parkinson’s are to find on the website of the clinic Centre alley GmbH at.

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