Heartburn – A Very Big Topic

All people have a lot of Omega 6 fatty acids, and too little on Omega3 fatty acids. The common Entsauerungsmittel not apply to the cause, on the contrary. With the form of nutrition: Low-carb against heartburn. It is unfortunately still so, that in traditional medicine, prevention/healing of diseases has only a secondary importance. The symptoms as the causes are fighting more.

The doctor makes the diagnosis and returns immediately to the correct medicines. Rarely, a physician who has time to search for the cause to go. One must also wonder whether this is in the sense of the physician and pharmacy to cure diseases. The DCCV (Deutsche Morbus Crohn/colitis of colitis Association) conducted in 1996 a study Bauer under the direction of Prof. H. Lorenz-Meyer and Prof.

P. Lutz diet. Wolfgang Lutz published statistics on the development of blood values that demonstrate that critical values not deteriorated under his high-fat diet. The cholesterol and uric acid values improved with this diet. He indicates to have over 10,000 patients in his 40-year practice time with his diet of their chronic illnesses healed. Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, stomach disease gout, Metaboisches syndrome, epilepsy and Multiple sclerosis. This diet is a high fat and carbohydrate-reduced diet that was developed and tested in the years 1950-1960 by the Austrian doctor Wolfgang Lutz. They belongs to the low carb diets like the Atkins diet Wolfgang Lutz studied medicine in Vienna and Innsbruck and completed his Habilitation at the Vienna University in 1943. After the second world war, he worked as an internist in Salzburg. His book life without bread\”was published in 1967. For his work he received an award of the Royal Society of medicine as well as in the year 2007 the freedom of the city of London Award and is Honorary Professor of the Metropolitan University of Dublin, Ireland. Heartburn is caused by acidification, a symptom of the impaired respiratory chain.