International Ball Patrons

Friday, October 15, thousands of Scientologists from around the world will come to , in the place, the birthplace of the International Association of Scientologists, the most ambitious event of this year – Celebrating the 26 th anniversary of the iau. Celebration truly promises to be spectacular and will be held for three days. Doors will open on Friday, followed by a self discovery, which all present will be declared made giant steps towards improving Society and unveiled plans for the future. Saturday will be a seminar where participants will learn about how to achieve the goals of Scientology – A world without insanity, criminality and war cheap jordans online – which in fact would be to the new society to which mas moves. This is accomplished by sponsoring programs to combat drug education in human rights and the restoration of moral values. jordan retro 1 That same evening at Saint Hill will be the largest International Ball Patrons of this year. Patrons Ball mas – this event to honor individuals whose outstanding cheap football jerseys support to energize the movement toward that goal, which tried to reach many religions. Patron – this is one of honorary membership levels of the Association.

After the ceremony the new members who have attained the level of "Chuck" will be Документальные served an elegant dinner, followed by a grand performance with the participation of famous singers: Chill ib – Rapper, actor and creator of the video, which exposes the involuntary treatment of children with psychotropic drugs, Michelle Gunderson – the world famous singer fake ray bans and Goodwill Ambassador of his native island of Dominica, Jesse Stevenson – Executive spiritual chants, and winner of the contest "The Gospel Song of the Year" in 2009 and Elena Roger – singer and songwriter, winner of the music competitions, winner of the Medal of Freedom mas. The final part of celebration will be a charity gala concert, which is held at Saint cheap football jerseys china Hill for 14 years. In the first year a concert attended by only a few city council members, and now attracts more than 50 mayors, their deputies and chairmen of the councils, as well as hundreds of community leaders, police, religious leaders and charities. In accordance with the tradition of providing assistance to residents of East Grinstead, la installed Ron Hubbard, when he lived at Saint Hill, the fees from the concert will support local charitable projects.