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Industry-specific information is obtained by analysis and observation of the market structures the investigation of the supply side provides market structure, geographic distribution, distribution channels, market power, State influences or the price and cost structure of the (potential) suppliers including data on. How to develop the prices? How big are the price differences on the supply side? Put together the prices of what components (wages, material, production wholesale nfl jerseys costs, etc.)? What is the cost structure of the suppliers? What factors affect the price and cost structure? The analysis of the demand structure provides clues about the demand competition (number, economic situation…) and their market behaviour. Source of information: The correct and careful selection of sources of information affects the quality of the results and the decisions made then by the buyers. A look in the shopping everyday life shows: more than three quarters of purchasing departments their information applies primarily from secondary sources. Secondary data collected a wide variety of sources and must be often processed by the oakley sunglasses outlet purchaser and verifies their correctness. The right selection of the sources is still more important than evaluating. The main primary sources are: the suppliers themselves, exchange of experiences with professional colleagues and the procurement market consultant.

See cheap oakleys sunglasses complementary Becker, Jorg: decision techniques as crisis protection, ISBN 9783839129067. The supplier is, of course, the main source of information. By him, the shopping through written or oral interviews can get the desired data. Personal contact to the supplier must be rebuilt for farm visits, trade fairs and supplier visits and intensively maintained. Nothing affects the outcome of purchasing negative as weak communication and contact – buyers.

Only through talks, impressions and experience in the market”can make an image a buyer, focusing in its environment and successfully buy a. Now, the seller is out his ray ban sunglasses sale point of view understandable, not all questions of the buyer want to answer, even with a still so good and cooperative relationship. Just this undisclosed information is for the purchase of special interest. Anyone who could deliver this data? Here the contacts to shopping colleagues, which may be attached to conferences, seminars and professional associations, pay off. With the willingness to provide information, an effective network can be built in a relatively short time. Shopping is an information professional. The procurement market consultant is a professional who can Team apply to the entire shopping research tools. As external service providers seeking it product and supplier analyses, industry and market forecasts, country profiles for companies new shopping sources, created and performs database searches. His expertise is used in acute problems and projects, and expansion of the shopping market activities as well as for the qualification of the employees. Procurement market research is successful and profitable, if the results of the analyses, observations and conversations in the daily practice of purchasing used.