John Locke

Very interesting Cheap Jordan Sale that brings us cheap China Jerseys by tradition, all human groups, from the clans of the inhabitants of the jungle to sophisticated urban dwellers, they have had ideas of Justice, fairness, dignity and respect. However, the idea that all human beings, by the simple fact of being so, have certain inalienable rights that can be invoked to protect society and its rulers was the view of a minority in the era before the 16th century. Many pre-modern societies believed that rulers were obliged to act with wisdom and for the good of all. However, it was believed that that obligation stemmed from a divine mandate or tradition, which was not based on wholesale nfl jerseys a #연붕이 concept of personal human rights which every ordinary individual could invoke to defend against an unjust Government. The first person who credited the creation of a complete theory of human rights was the British philosopher John Locke (1632-1704). He wrote that peoples form societies and societies establishing Governments in order to Cheap nfl Jerseys ensure the enjoyment of the natural rights for himself.

Locke defined by the Government as a social contract between rulers and ruled. His view, Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses citizens are only obliged to be loyal to a Government that will protect their human rights. These rights can even take precedence over the demands and interests of the Government. A Government can only be legitimate if it respects and protects the human rights of its citizens systematically. However, the theory of Locke was limited since it did not consider the interests of all persons, even when in his writings the author expressed in universal terms.

His real focus was the protection of the rights of European males who had properties. He did not recognize them full rights to women, indigenous peoples, the servants and salaried workers. Despite this, the thought of Locke and other characters of his time was a breakthrough not be denied as indicated, today almost all countries, in all regions of the world and anyone who is their level of development, proclaim that they are committed to respect the human rights.