Joint Commission

Priority of company agreements. The regulation of the conditions laid down in an agreement of company will take precedence over the sector in terms of base salary, in wage supplements, overtime, specific remuneration of the cheap jerseys work shift, schedule and distribution of working time. Will also happen the same as for annual vacation, professional classification, hiring modalities and planning measures that favor conciliation between work and family life. Internal flexibility. The approved reform aims to introduce internal companies greater flexibility, so that when they suffer changes or pass through difficult situations, it is possible its adaptation to the new conditions, throwback jerseys with the aim of maintaining employment, rather than resorting to dismissal. However, the document stresses that internal flexibility measures should be agreed between the representatives of the company and the workers. In this sense, a measure only specific: as at least 5% of annual hours of work of an employee will be distributed unevenly to accommodate the needs of the company’s production. In application of such internal flexibility, if the company decides to modify the conditions of its workers on transfers, day, functions and wages (clause of pick up, i.e.

not apply the agreed rise) kept the period of consultation of 15 days with trade unions. Until now if this term ends without agreement the next step was resorting to dispute in the courts, whereas ะก now the Decree reinforces the role of the Joint Commission, which shall decide within a period of seven days. Keep disagreement, it will resort to mediation and arbitration procedures. Role of the joint commissions. The document approved by the Council of Ministers gives greater weight to the joint committees as a tool to interpret collective agreements cheap nfl jerseys in the event of discrepancies, prior to the formal approach to the conflict in the mediation and arbitration bodies. Increase in collective agreements. The Government anticipates that there will be more workers covered by conventions over the next few years with the reform and wages or hours to adapt to avoid spoilage to the workers as companies measure to overcome the crisis. Creation of the Council of industrial relations and collective bargaining.

The document proposes the creation of this Council as the organ of consultation and jordan retro 11 advice, attached to the Ministry of labour, tripartite and joint in nature. Mutual cheap nfl jerseys and absenteeism. Inthe reform is not rrencia to what the unions and the employers agreed mutual envelope and absenteeism prior to the breakdown in negotiations, although the Minister of labour has not ruled out that they can be included in amendments during debate in Parliament. Source of the news: Ultraactividad, arbitration what is the reform of collective bargaining?