Law Priorities

Thus, the creation of the General Regiment of the OD made use in Art 04 Chapters and 21 Articles, disponibilizado for consultation the society for half electronic or in the Secretariat of Public Transparency, the public power makes possible the population to have time and voice, arguing, thinking and fiscalizing the decisions taken in the audiences of the OD in the quarters or community of the city of Joo Person. With this, the set of the society contributes of participativa form in the elaboration of Plano Plurianual (PPA), in the Law of Diretrizes Oramentria (LDO) and in the Oramentria Law Anual (LOA), by Baratas Replicas Ray Ban means of the responsibility and comprometimento with the power to decide process of the actions and transformation of the city. The OD makes a mapping of the city in budgetary regions, aiming at to NFL Jerseys China make possible the popular participation of the communities through meetings for the planning of the decisions in audiences. In these meetings the forms with the predetermined demands of the priorities of the community are distributed and to the end of each meeting the demands chosen for each community are presented, thus to be pontuadas these priorities in sequence increasing in the process. After all the wholesale football jerseys meetings to be covered in the city the priorities are taken for the commission of the OD that generates a report and sends it city council to vote and to publish and of this form, guiding the executive so that in the following year it executes the requests of the society, optimizing the resources collected for the o public state treasury. cheap jordan shoes Of this form, the institucional drawing traced by the city of Joo Person, discloses in its chapters the determination and the conditions where council members and commission agents can candidatar it the positions, as well as its attributions in the process and envolvement with the OD, configuring the existence of a transference of the power of from above decision stops low, that is, a hierarquizao, or better, understanding, a verticalizao in relation to the cheap jerseys necessity of priorities of the actions exist.